Spider Man PS4 - The Best Easter Eggs, Secrets and Marvel References

Spider Man PS4 - The Best Easter Eggs, Secrets and Marvel References

By James on 07 September 2018 | spiderman

The Spider-Man PS4 world is full of subtle Easter Eggs that reference unobtainable suits, famous characters and even other popular video games. In this guide I'm going to cover as many of these Easter Eggs as possible.

As you progress through the game, many of the best Easter Eggs include Marvel references via buildings, inanimate objects, cutscenes and audio quotes. You'll often hear Spider-Man quoting other superheroes and villains including Batman, Venom and Fisk. The references are subtle in nature and it's easy to miss them if you're not familiar with the Marvel universe.

Ok let's take a look at some of the best Easter Eggs in the game...

Note: This guide is completely spoiler free and will be updated with additional worthy Easter Eggs as they're discovered.

Easter Eggs

1. Venon Suit (Symbiote Suit)

Easter Egg - Venon Suit (Symbiote Suit)

Right at the beginning of the game during a short cutscene. Spider-Man asks Yuri if she needs a date to the Policeman Ball. Yuri responds by asking Spider-Man whether he has a black and white suit….to which he responds "uhhhh". This is of course a reference to the unobtainable symbiote suit.

2. Roxxon Building

Easter Egg - Roxxon Building

One of the many landmarks in the open world, the Roxxon building is a reference to the Roxxon Energy Corporation, a fictional massive petroleum conglomerate appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. It's not the first time that Roxxon has appeared in a video game, with the corporation mentioned in the 2000 Spiderman game, Iron Man 2 and even the recent Marvel Lego game.

3. Kingpin Obliterator Cane and Cello

Easter Egg - Kingpin Obliterator Cane and Cello

The famous Obliterator Cane used by Fisk appears in the games auction rooms along with the Cello. Depicted during the comic book series, Fisk sometimes carries his (Obliterator) walking stick which conceals a laser beam weapon capable of firing a blast of concussive force that's sufficient for vaporizing a handgun (or a person's head) at close range.

4. Stan Lee

Easter Egg - Stan Lee

For those who may not be Marvel fans, Stan Lee is the American comic book writer, editor, film executive producer, actor and publisher. Stan was formerly editor-in-chief for Marvel Comics before leaving to become chairman. Stan was jointly responsible for creating Spider-Man, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, the X-Men among others.

Stan appears briefly in a cameo cutscene.

5. Empire State University

Easter Egg - Empire State University

One of the many landmarks that Spider-Man can capture on camera, all part of the Landmark Tokens system, is the Empire State University. Commonly referred to as ESU, the university was attended by Peter Parker, Doctor Doom, Eddie Brock and several other Marvel characters.

6. Dr Strange's House

Easter Egg - Dr Strange's House

Players can find Dr Strange's residence, known as the Sanctum Sanctorum, located in the open world of New York City. The mansion is clearly identifiable via the red circular window with four swooping lines. The window is actually called the Seal of the Vishanti and is supposed to protect the Sanctum from supernatural invaders.

Taking a photo of the building earns you a Landmark Token and Spider will say "beautiful window but it seems a bit STRANGE".

7. Tony Stark's Damage Control building

Easter Egg - Tony Stark's Damage Control building

Another of the Marvel functional organisations, the Damage Control company was responsible for repairing the property damage caused by conflicts between superheroes and supervillains. Players can once again take a snapshot of this building to earn another Landmark Token to aid in unlocking new mods and suits.

8. Grand Theft Auto 4

Easter Egg - Grand Theft Auto 4

Two of the characters from GTA 4, Slavo and Roman, appear briefly during one of the games side missions. These two are Eastern European gangsters and during this side mission you foil their plans to carry out a bank robbery.

9. Ghostbusters Fire Station

Easter Egg - Ghostbusters Fire Station

The classic fire station from Ghostbusters can be found in the open world. It's got the classic red door and gold plates surrounding it. In case you were in any doubt, there's a spray painted image of a ghost on the wall behind the station.

Other smaller Easter Egg

  • Uncle Ben's photo appears on Aunt May's desk - you can interact with it to see a larger version and hear Spider-Man say "Miss you".
  • The Avengers Tower can be spotted in the distant skyline. It's located in the heart of Manhattan, to the North East of the city.
  • Uncle Ben's gravestone can be found in the graveyard - with the name Ben Parker written on the front
  • Prototype Goblin Grenades (from Green Goblin) can be found on the desk in Oscorp Headquarters.
  • Diving with L3 from a sufficient height will shatter the pavement when you land.
  • Photos of the game developers are on the wall at Feast (shelter).
  • A copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 is on Peter's shelf during the opening cutscene - this was the Marvel series that first introduced Spider-Man.
  • One of the collectible Backpacks is an under arm webbing, one of the wingsuit style suits that Spider-Man uses in Spider-Man Homecoming.
  • Alexander Hamilton was the founder father of the United States. His grave can be found at Trinity Church in the Financial District.


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