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With over fifteen years experience in software development, content marketing and SEO, I now offer my experience through paid consultancy, mentoring and unpaid collaboration. Whether you’re a blogger, startup company or a registered business, I want to help you achieve your goals.



A paid service where you utilize my experience to drive your ambitions. Complete guidance for your online presence whether that’s content strategy, SEO or development. Working together we can push your brand to the next stage in it’s life and help you increase visitor numbers.

Work is conducted in a friendly but professional manner and you have the choice to work with me remotely or in person (UK only and region permitting). Quotes are always provided up front and there is absolutely no obligation to go forward.

There are no set pricing structures for this service and every project is different so please get in touch to discuss your ideas and we can progress from there.

Don’t worry if you’re not exactly sure what you need, I'm always happy to talk things through.

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Partnerships, collaboration, copywriting


Have you got an upcoming YouTube channel or gaming site? Do you want to partner up to collectively increase our viewers and create something bigger? There are plenty of options on the table including sponsored posts, video partnerships or simply creating a bigger network of related sites.

Alternatively, maybe you just want to experience the world of journalism and copywriting. Can you create truly informative and helpful articles that people will want to read, share and refer back to? We can certainly discuss the possibility of helping you publish content on this site, with ad revenue sharing also a possibility.

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Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and Coaching

The perfect choice for individuals or small business looking for advice and experience to shape the direction of their online venture. Mentoring can take many forms from a one off session or a regular coaching approach where I guide you through on a monthly basis.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out and having nothing but an idea, the mentoring option is the best place to start in this case. Or maybe you've got an existing site that’s not doing as well as you’d like and you can’t understand why. Again, the mentoring option is a great choice as I can guide you along the way, helping you avoid the same mistakes I made and offering options which work for you.

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Which option should you choose?

No matter which option you choose, my goal is always to help you achieve massive success online, grow your visitors, increase your brand and rise above the competition.

If those are the factors you’re looking for then please do get in touch today.

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SEO & Support

  • Mentoring and coaching
  • SEO audits and guidance
  • Recovery from SEO penalties (Manual, Panda, Penguin)
  • Monetization setup and optimization
  • Domain purchases, record changes and subdomains

Promotional ideas and drawings

Content & Strategy

  • Content strategy and marketing
  • Keyword research and trends
  • Competitor analysis
  • Online advertising (PPC)
  • Visitor tracking and analysis (Analytics)


Development & Logistics

  • Site design and development
  • Database optimization and development (MS SQL and MySQL)
  • Mobile design and optimization
  • Platform changes, site migrations and domain moves
  • Moving to the cloud (AWS or Azure)

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