Destiny - Adept Exotic Raid Weapons in Age of Triumph

Destiny - Adept Exotic Raid Weapons in Age of Triumph

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Bungie have revealed that most of the raid elemental primaries are returning in the Age of Triumph and they have been classified with a new name "Adept". These adept weapons are also bumped into the exotic group of weapons rather than the previous Legendary grouping.

This Adept restriction means that players will no longer be able to abuse the overpowered nature of elemental primaries - which I tend to agree with. During the livestream we saw versions of classic raid weapons including Fatebringer, Vision of Confluence, Word of Crota and several others.

Some weapons however are not going to be returning in Age of Triumph. You can see a complete list of these down below but one of the most striking absences was the Black Hammer, one of the best sniper weapons in the entire game which used to replenish ammo of successful precision kills.

How to earn Adept exotic weapons

Now that there are two versions of the Raids returning in Age of Triumph, we have the following Raid choices; regular 390 light Raid and also the weekly featured version. The rewards you earn from each are shown below:

  • 390 light raid - chance to earn Legendary primaries
  • Weekly featured raid - chance to earn Legendary and Adept Exotic elemental primaries

Adept Exotic Weapons List

Vault of Glass Adept Exotic

The majority of Raid weapons are returning in Age of Triumph, with weapons from each of the raids: Vault of Glass, Crota's End, Kings Fall, Wrath of the Machine. The section below shows a complete list of all the primary Adept weapons:

Vault of Glass

  • Assault Rifle - Atheon's Epilogue
  • Hand Cannon - Fatebringer
  • Pulse Rifle - Praedyth's Timepiece
  • Scout Rifle - Vision of Confluence
  • Mythoclast - Scout Rifle hybrid

Crota's End

  • Hand Cannon - Word of Crota
  • Auto Rifle - Abyss Defiant
  • Pulse Rifle - Oversoul Edict
  • Auto Rifle - Necrochasm - perk will now cause enemies to explode on every kill

Kings Fall

  • Auto Rife - Anguish of Drystan
  • Pulse Rifle - Smite of Merain
  • Scout Rifle - Doom of Chelchis
  • Hand Cannon - Zaouli's Bane

Wrath of the Machine

  • Scout Rifle - Chaos Dogma
  • Hand Cannon - Fever and Remedy
  • Auto Rifle - Genesis Chain

More information coming soon...