Battlefield 1 - All Easter Eggs and Secrets

Battlefield 1 - All Easter Eggs and Secrets

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No Battlefield game would be complete without a sprinkle of Easter Eggs and Battlefield 1 is no different. In this post you'll find a collection of the game's best Easter Eggs that include tiny pistols, hidden references and other secrets. This list will be updated with new additions as they're discovered.

Jumping back to the last memorable Battlefield game, BF4, we had a great collection of Easter Eggs that included of all things a massive shark, yeti screams, jurassic park feeding cages and a trail of hidden messages and culture references. We expect to see the same kind of secrets in this new addition.

Ok, let's take a look at the secrets in Battlefield 1...

Kolibri Pistol

Kolibri Pistol

The worlds smallest commercially available centrefire cartridge makes a surprise appearance in BF1. Upon first sight you might think that DICE have introduced something completely out of context but in actual fact the 2mm Kolibri was a real weapon from the WW1 era. Designed by a watchmaker, the weapon was all but useless in combat but it was memorable due to it's amazingly tiny size.

Although a weak weapon to bring to a straight up fight, the Kolibri Pistol has both a novelty and taunt factor. Killing an enemy soldier and seeing the Kolibri appear in the killfeed is worth the effort alone!

To unlock this Easter Egg you must level up your class to unlock the higher tier secondary weapons. Then using a sum of War Bonds, the Kolibri can be unlocked and equipped in your loadout.


Headphone example

Most likely part of a larger Easter Egg such as the "Phantom Program" or possibly a skin or dog tag unlock.

Scattered around the various BF1 maps are black “Headphones”, mostly lying on top of debris, pillars and other stationary objects. Players can pick up individual headphones, at which point a little click sound is heard, and take them to telegraph machines to play a snippet of Morse Code.

We believe there are nine headphones in total and each one spawns in at different locations. It’s not possible to list all the individual locations just yet but so far we have found headphones on:

  • Amiens (near F flag on circular pillar)
  • Sinai Desert (up on the rock platform above flag B)
  • Monte Grappa (above side entrance to tunnel near C flag)
  • Empire's Edge (above C flag on jagged rock edge)

We can assume that there are also headphones on Scar, Suez, Fao Fortress and Ballroom Blitz.

Example of telegraph machine

Telegraph machine

Note: You can still find the headphones even in empty lobbies. If another player (on the server) picks up the headphones they disappear.

More Easter Eggs coming soon...