Destiny - How to get the Exotic Bounty

Destiny - How to get the Exotic Bounty

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There's no easy way to get Exotic weapons and Armour in Destiny but the Exotic Bounty is at least a guaranteed method. Of course, you've got the slim chance of winning one via a Blue or Purple Engram but the chances are less than 1%. There's also the opportunity to buy Exotic gear from Xur with Strange Coins, but they're about as rare as Purple Engrams.

There's a lot of confusion surrounding Exotic Bounties with some people believing that a minimum Level applies or a certain number of Vanguard Marks will help you trigger the Bounty. Others believe that trading in enough Bounties in one go will make the Exotic Bounty appear immediately. I'm going to set the record straight on this one and clarify exactly when it appears.

Exotic bounties are clearly identifiable because they're the same colour as Exotic Engrams and other Exotic gear i.e. YELLOW.

How to make the Exotic Bounty Appear

Bounty Tracker

Contrary to popular belief, Exotic Bounties are completely random. There is no way to trigger them, just as you can't trigger Purple Engrams to drop instead of Blue ones. However you can increase your chances by following the primary RULE below:

Complete as many Bounties per day as possible

Although you can receive a Vanguard Missive from the Postmaster the common way to receive an Exotic Bounty is after trading in another completed Bounty. So the more you can complete and collect, the more chance you have of seeing the Exotic Bounty. It makes no difference if you trade in one or four at a time. You'll just increase the chance of it appearing because you're trading in more of them.

The chance of seeing the Exotic Bounty is about the same as receiving a Legendary weapon from a Blue Engram i.e 1%.

Another way...the Postmaster

As mentioned above, sometimes the Postmaster will have a Vanguard Missive for you to collect. This is the second way to kickstart an Exotic Bounty (besides collecting completed Bounties). These missives are coloured yellow as with other Exotic stuff so you'll know the importance once you see them. Simply take it over to the Bounty Tracker and the three choices will appear on screen.

You do NOT need to do any of the following:

  • Trade in multiple bounties
  • Get to level 25
  • Increase Vanguard Rank to 2
  • Complete all Bounties in a day

How to complete an Exotic Bounty

Unlike Vanguard and Crucible bounties, Exotic bounties are time consuming and in most cases difficult. There isn't one set of criteria but several tasks to get through, usually spanning over several areas including both PvE and PVP. One example of a length/hard task is to kill several hundred enemies on the weekly Nightfall or complete 25 Strikes.

Further down this page I've listed each of the Exotic Bounties, weapons and tasks to complete them.

Can you cancel the Bounty

There's no way to cancel the Exotic Bounty and choose another, so choose wisely based on the Steps described further down. Some of the weapons are incredibly hard to acquire and many players simply give up half way.

If you want to do another Exotic Bounty then you'll need to earn another Vanguard Missive which gives you the chance to select from one of three bounties at the Bounty Tracker.

Which weapons can you earn from Exotic Bounties?

At the time of writing, all Exotic Bounties will reward you with an Exotic Weapon and not an Exotic Armour piece. So far I've seen Bounties for the following weapons:

  • Invective (Shotgun)
  • Thorn (Hand Cannon)
  • Pocket Infinity (Fusion Rifle)
  • Bad JuJu (Pulse Rifle)
  • Super Good Advice (Machine Gun)
  • Fate of Al Fools (Auto Rifle)

List of Bounties, Tasks and Rewards for each

Below is a list of the Exotic Bounty tasks that I've seen so far….

Invective (Shotgun)
Bounty Name: A Dubious Task



1. Talk to Ikora Rey at Tower (Hall of Guardians)
2. Complete 5 strikes without dying
3. Return to Ikora Rey
4. Earn kills/death spread of 25 in Crucible (i.e kill 25 more times than you die)
5. Return to Ikora Rey
6. Complete weekly Strike
7. Return to Ikora Rey
8. Purchase Invective Component from Gunsmith (12,500 Glimmer)
9. Collect Exotic weapon from Ikora Rey

Thorn (Hand Cannon)
Bounty Name: A Light in The Dark



1. Complete Summoning Pits Strike
2. Kill 500 Hive on the Moon
3. 500 kills with void damage in PvP
4. Kill Xyor the Unwed in Heroic Strike on Moon (lvl 26)
5. Return to Speaker

Pocket Infinity (Fusion Rifle)
Bounty Name: Shattered Memory Fragment

Pocket Infinity


1. Obtain Ghost from Venus
2. Kill Vex Gate Lord on heroic mission
3. Return Ghost to Speaker
4. Bring Schematics to Gunsmith
5. Dismantle 10 rare Fusion Rifles
6. Bring core to Gunsmith
7. Kill enemies in epic activities
8. Bring prototype to Gunsmith

Bad JuJu (Pulse Rifle)
Bounty Name: Toland's Legacy

Bad JuJu


1. Complete weekly Heroic or Nightfall Strike
2. Speak to Ikora Rey
3. Complete 25 Strikes
4. Speak to Ikora Rey
5. Speak to Gunsmith
6. Speak to Xur
7. Speak to Gunsmith
8. Obtain 10,000 points in Crucible
9. Speak to Gunsmith

Super Good Advice (Machine Gun)
Bounty Name: A Voice in the Wilderness

Super Good Advice


1. Search chests on Mars
2. Buy ammunition module from Xur
3. Bring frame to Gunsmith
4. Kill 500 enemies with machine gun
5. Bring frame to Gunsmith

Fate of all Fools (Scout Rifle)
Bounty Name: An Unknown Patron

1. Win 5 Crucible matches
2. Speak to Bounty Tracker
3. Perform skill challenges in Crucible
4. Speak to Bounty Tracker
5. Trade Mote of Lights for Osiris Coins
6. Compete in Trials of Osiris (win 10 times without losing 3 times, otherwise new coin required)
7. Speak to Bounty Tracker
8. Get headshots, kills and killing sprees with any scout rifle in Crucible matches
9. Speak to Bounty Tracker to collect weapon