Destiny 2 - How to get the Sturm Exotic Hand Cannon

Destiny 2 - How to get the Sturm Exotic Hand Cannon

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Sturm is one of Destiny 2's exotic Hand Cannon weapons and players can earn this Kinetic weapon through an exotic quest which starts with "O Captain" on Nessus. The exotic weapon comes with a neat "set perk" which makes it even more valuable when used alongside Drang.

Unlike some of the other exotics that are given early in the game, Sturm is an end-game exotic, hidden behind an exotic quest. Below you'll find a step by step guide for claiming the Sturm exotic weapon for yourself. It's actually quite easy to obtain and could easily be the first exotic quest you complete in Destiny 2. As a pro-tip, if you're going after Sturm then as soon as you finish the story save your exotic engram reward and any legendary engrams that are waiting from vendors. You'll need these a little later...

Step by Step

1. Complete the story

End of story, level 20 achieved

Before you have any chance of starting the exotic quest, you must complete the entire campaign story. Only then will a secret destination unlock and new options become available from NPC's throughout the game. Known as World Quests, these sequential missions have some great rewards as you'll discover.

2. Speak to Failsafe

Failsafe NPC

Speak to the NPC AI known as Failsafe, who you've encountered throughout your travels on Nessus. She is located on the Exodus Black, the giant ship which is close to the initial Fast Travel point on Nessus.

After completing the story mission, Failsafe now has a new World Quests called "O Captain". Collect the quest from her and starting tracking it from the Director. This is a sequential exotic quests with several steps so pay attention to the lists below.

3. Complete the Quests

1. Complete "O Captain" and "My Captain"

Two related quests that start with you locating Failsafes old crew on Nessus. Aftering finding all four audio logs from the crew, which are all located fairly close to the ship hub, you move onto classic Destiny challenges such as a small jump puzzle, defending the area and a final BOSS fight. There are plenty of Vex to fight through on these quests so go prepared.

Once complete you should be rewarded with the "Drang" weapon, which as mentioned above has a special relationship with Sturm. Along with Drang a mysterious sheet of paper, simply called "Kinetic Weapon" is added to your inventory.

2. Speak to Master Rahool

Master Rahool

Bring the new mystery item to the master decryptor and he'll explain a little about "Relics of the Golden Age". Now is the time to complete additional tasks for Rahool so he can decrypt the paper for you.

3. Complete Relics of the Golden Age objectives (part 1)

The following tasks must be completed:

  • Decrypt five legendary engrams (legendary engram rewards from vendors still count).
  • Decrypt one exotic engram.
  • Kill 10 Fallen enemies on Nessus using the Drang sidearm.

4. Complete Relics of the Golden Age objectives (part 2)

Once the above list of objectives are complete, the list refreshes again. Asking you to complete the following, more time consuming tasks:

  • Defeat multiple Fallen with Drang without reloading (3 enemies in a row)
  • Defeat a powerful Fallen with Drang (yellow bar only)

For the above two tasks, I recommend farming a Fallen Public Event such as Ether Resupply on Nessus. The powerful Fallen objective does take quite a while so stick with it. Once done, return to Tyra Khan to refresh the objective one final time.

5. Complete Relics of the Golden Age objectives (part 3)

For the final part of this exotic quest, you must return to Nessus and complete the Exodus Crash quest with a fireteam or solo, destroying the Servitor Kendriks-7. It's not a hard quest, you've already done far harder things getting here.

4. Claim Sturm for yourself

Once the subtasks are complete, head back to Kyra at the farm and she'll offer the Sturm weapon in return for your efforts. Enjoy!!

About Sturm

Sturm exotic weapon overview

Sturm is an exotic Kinect Hand Cannon which comes with the following perks:

Accomplice - Kills With this weapon fill the magazine of your equipped energy weapon (uses ammo reserves).

Extended Barrel - Increased range, decreased handling speed.

Extended Mag - Larger magazine but slower reload.

Storm and Distress - Kills with Drang (legendary sidearm) grant bonus precision damage.

Combat Grip - Less vertical recoil, increased stability.