Download Minecraft 1.2 Snapshot 12w04 - New Jungle Mob Included!

Download Minecraft 1.2 Snapshot 12w04 - New Jungle Mob Included!

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The latest Minecraft 1.2 snapshot is available to download. Snapshot 12w04 contains a brand new mob for the jungle biome! It's the first mob to be developed by Jon who is Jeb's new side kick.

So we got to see a brand new Jungle biome in the last snapshot. A luscious and dense forest area full of trees, plants and vines. All we needed was a new mob to live in that biome and we'd be happy people! Well, come snapshot 12w04 we get that new Jungle mob and it's another great addition to the mob collective. We won't spoil things too much here.. (see spoiler at the end of the post).

Download links for Minecraft 1.2 snapshot 12w04


What's new in Minecraft 1.2 snapshot 12w04

As usual, Jeb and Jon have been ironing out those bugs for us. They've even managed to add that new mob and tweak some of the AI code. More intelligent mobs are always a welcome addition to the game.

  • Brand new jungle mob
  • Animals will only breed after fully healed
  • Zombies will forget where you went after a period of time (instead of directly following you)
  • Animals (and other mobs) will stop trying to jump over fences
  • Skeletons will try to avoid sunlight
  • Zombies no longer spin (when they're about to walk off a 1 block high drop)
  • Improved path finding abilities for mobs (AI)

What is the new mob?


The new mob is a leopard known as an Ozelot (or Ocelot in English). Ozelot is a small leopard that's sometimes referred to as the dwarf leopard because of its size. It's a wild cat that's common in South and Central America. The fur of an Ozelot is similar in appearance to a normal leopard or jaguar and this contributed to the cat being classed as vulnerable on the endangered species list (several decades ago).

New minecraft mob - ozelot - leopard

The leopard is nocturnal and very territorial. It's common to see these leopards fight to the death if their territory is questioned. So as you can imagine, the mob is an aggressive one in Minecraft. It likes to hide in overgrown bushes or trees, and pounce on its victims. The Ozelot leopard also has the advantage or night vision!