Download Minema for Minecraft and record smooth gameplay videos of Minecraft

Download Minema for Minecraft and record smooth gameplay videos of Minecraft

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If you're a Youtube fan and you love Minecraft then you're going to want to give Minema a try. It's a Minecraft mod that lets you record smooth, high quality gameplay videos during the game.

Forget all the additional video recording software that you've downloaded before. Wouldn't it be good if you could just start recording automatically during the game? Well, thanks to Minema you can do just that!

We've all experienced a problem or two when playing Minecraft, most noticeably the lag caused from installing new texture packs and mods. Sometimes, your computer just can't give you that extra umph.
But it doesn't matter for Minema, the mod is able to alter time, so to speak. Frames are captured perfectly in sync. How does it do this? You don't need to worry but you should be pretty pleased because it's awesome!

Minema will capture video in MP4 format which can uploaded to YouTube without conversion. The mod also records sound automatically for you.

Why use Minema?

Minema Mod

  • It's free!
  • Stops lag and jerk during gameplay videos
  • Great for slow computers
  • No additional software needed
  • Supports MP4 YouTube format

How to install Minema

1. Download the official mod from the minecraftforum at:

Download Minema Mod

2. Download and install modloader (if you don't have it already):

Download ModLoader

3. Unzip (extract) the minema zip file directly into the .minecraft folder.

How to use Minema

Minema Mod

To start and stop recording just press F4 during the game.

If you want to capture a single frame (screen capture), just press Ctrl + F4.

Minema is a great alternative to..

  • Fraps
  • Camstudio
  • Norpix
  • Camtasia
  • VirtualDub