First dragon mob screenshots from Minecraft

First dragon mob screenshots from Minecraft

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Dragons are definitely on their way to Minecraft. Notch is still working on the models themselves so the textures haven't been finished yet. You can expect to see dragons in the next version of Minecraft, this is Minecraft beta 1.10.

Dragons, just like some other mobs will allow you to ride them. This will give the player the ability to fly over their Minecraft world and explore the scenic sky route. It's not clear if these dragons will breathe fire just like the ghast shoots fireballs, nor do we know if the dragon's ability to shoot fire balls is controllable whilst flying the dragon.

Thanks to the new model parts code that Notch has written, these new mobs are way more modern looking with each torso moving independently. The texture is going to be a tricky one though and Notch needs more time to get that finished before the beta 1.10 release.

Dragons will live in lairs, each of which has the potential for XP points and other rewards. Just like dungeons have chests with goodies inside.

The dragon mob will most probably be aggressive but exists outside of the nether due to its flying ability and the space required to fly.

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