Fly an Ender Dragon with Dragon Mounts Mod for Minecraft

Fly an Ender Dragon with Dragon Mounts Mod for Minecraft

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Ever wondered what it would be like to fly your own dragon in Minecraft? Thanks to BarracudaATA, the dragon riding mod lets you mount a dragon and breath fire on your enemies.

Before you can mount a dragon you need to create your very own dragon companion. Using the new egg feature in Minecraft you just need to place a dragon egg and right click to summon your ridable Ender Dragon. Equip the dragon with a saddle and away you fly.

Your tamed dragon can breathe deadly fire or emit aura that destroys the terrain. Just feed him blaze powder to let him breathe fire or feed him glistening melon for the terrain destruction aura. Both of these effects last for 5 seconds.

If your dragon gets injured then you'll need to feed him just like any other tamed mob. You can feed the dragon raw fish, chicken, beer or pork chop to restore 4 hearts. Or if you're really desperate, you can feed him rotten flesh to heal 2 hearts.

This mod comes with new dragon sounds and textures. Hear the dragons wings flap as you soar high above and then cast destruction on those below you!! Great fun and well worth a try..


Minecraft Dragon Mount ModControlling your dragon is easy. Choose from one of three modes.

  • Mouse - Use the mouse to look in a particular direction, the dragon will only fly in the direction you're looking. You can climb higher by looking upwards and descend by looking downwards.
  • Keyboard - strafe keys (A, D) control the direction and the jump (spacebar) and sneak (left shift) keys control the height.
  • Combined - horizontal direction is controlled by mouse and vertical by jump and sneak keys on keyboard.


How to install

  • 1. Install ModLoader if you haven't already
  • 2. Download the Dragon Mount mod from here
  • 3. Copy the zip file into the mods folder of the Minecraft directory


Visit the official Minecraftforum thread for this mod to ensure you download the latest version:

Dragon Mount Mod (Minecraftforum)