How to check the status of Minecraft login servers?

How to check the status of Minecraft login servers?

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Following the recent security vulnerability in Minecraft login servers, Mojang have now launched a new and improved service status section on their website. Minecraft players can check the status of any of the Minecraft servers including, minecraft login and multiplayer sessions.

Thankfully, Minecraft servers rarely go down and when they do the team usually gets them running pretty quickly. However, should you experience any problems connecting to your favourite multiplayer server then check the status page below:

Check Minecraft Server(s) Status

View the status of all Minecraft services

  • Minecraft logins
  • Minecraft multiplayer sessionms
  • Mojang accounts website
  • Mojang accounts login

What's a migrated account?

Before Mojang decided to create other games besides Minecraft, users could login using a simple username and password combination. The introduction of new migrated accounts allows players to use a single account to access different Mojang products and services.

So if you've bought Minecraft but later decide to buy the new Scrolls game, then you can migrate your Minecraft account to play both. A migrated account is just an account that uses an email address as the username rather than a simple login name.

You can migrate your account by going to the following page:

Were my personal details stolen during the hack?

No, the hackers were not able to steal personal information from your account. However, they were able to impersonate Minecraft accounts to gain access to any Minecraft server. This wasn't much of an issue for players, but it gave server admins a nightmare.

Using a strong Minecraft/Mojang password

Always remember to keep your password strong by following standard practices:

  • Use numbers and letters
  • User upper and lower case letters
  • Never use words from the dictionary
  • Use at least 8 characters