How to create a Hopper - Minecraft Crafting Recipe

How to create a Hopper - Minecraft Crafting Recipe

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The Hopper Block was added in Minecraft 1.5 (snapshot 13w01a but was still a work in progress item). The Hopper Block is like a funnel and looks similar to an anvil. It can easily be crafted from two common items.

How to craft a Hopper

The Hopper is a straight forward recipe. In snapshot 13w01a you just need to combine:

5 stone blocks + a chest, in a V shape

See image below:

Minecraft - Hopper Block

What does the Hopper do?

In 13w01a, the Hopper moves items from it's inventory into a chest (when the chest is placed directly below the Hopper) - like a funnel in many ways. It requires no Redstone and exports items automatically.

You can open the Hopper by right clicking on it. It's got a similar inventory menu to a chest - items can be stored and removed.

Minecraft - Hopper Block with Chest Below