How to get the Sword in Destiny

How to get the Sword in Destiny

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Before Destiny was released there was a tonne of speculation about swords in the game, but more recently the strategy guide featured images of swords which all but confirmed it. Now with the official release of Destiny I found out how you can use swords in the game. Here's how to get them...

UPDATE: The Taken King - Sword Quest

The original post below was written back in Vanilla Destiny. For The Taken King guide please see this post: The Taken King Sword Quest Guide

1. Via Sword of Crota Mission

Destiny - The Sword of Crota mission

You should be familiar with ranking by now so the first requirement to use the sword is to reach level 7 and play "The Sword of Crota" level which is one of the Moon missions in the Ocean of Storms. The mission requires you to infiltrate the Hive Fortress and destroy the legendary Sword of Crota, a weapon which was once used to slay thousands of Guardians.

It's a Co-operative Fireteam mission for 1-3 players and you'll get some basic rewards such as Armour Upgrade and XP bonus. But the best part about this mission is the chance to collect the Destiny Sword and use it in combat.

I think this is the 3rd mission on the moon but at level 7 it shouldn't take you too long to unlock it. During the mission you'll reach a Gatehouse area and the objective is to Kill the Swarm Princess, it's at this stage where you'll see the Sword floating in the middle of the room. Just pick it up and enjoy.

Destiny - sword location on Moon mission

The Sword is a melee weapon of course, but its power is incredible and you'll be able to slash a wide area whilst you swing the sword over your head or from side to side. In comparison to the knife the sword is far more effective because it finishes off the weaker enemies in one go. It's a hell of a lot of fun to try so head over to the moon and get the sword for yourself!!

Destiny - sword attack

2. Via "Blade of Crota" (Earth and Moon Patrols)

Blade of Crota

As part of the lead up to The Dark Below, Bungie slipped in a new way to get the Sword of Crota. The sword behaves in exactly the same way as the sword found in the Sword of Crota mission except that it has a limited 1 minute timer.

How to get it?

The sword can be acquired through either an Earth of Moon patrol. Simply look out for the usual Public Events e.g Devil Walker and if you're lucky you'll see the following messages appear:

"The minions of Crota have started a ritual"

...followed by:

"The Blades of Crota have invaded this world"


Now scout the local area for a Hive Knight with the name "Blade of Crota". Killing this knight will drop the Relic (sword) allowing you to pick it up. Unfortunately, Public Events are open to everyone and only one person can claim the sword for themselves. If you miss the chance then you'll have to play another Public Event to get second chance.

3. The Taken King

Eris Quest

The Taken King expansion includes a dedicated Quest line for obtaining the Sword weapon. For full details and complete guide please see the link below:

The Taken King Sword Quest Guide

Sword Controls

  • RB - to use the forward slash attack
  • RT - to use the jump and slash attack
  • Jump + RT - slam attack

Overcharged attack

Destiny - Overcharged attack using sword

If you've got your overcharged status you can use the swords super power, which replaces your normal super charged ability. The swords super power is a fast slash combo which wipes out multiple enemies in quick succession - it's devastating!