MCPE 0.7.0 Only Days Away From Release Date

MCPE 0.7.0 Only Days Away From Release Date

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Mojang confirmed today that Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) version 0.7.0 is only days away from being released for Android and iOS. So get your Android, iPhone and iPad's ready because it's almost time to download and play around with the next big release of Minecraft.

Cert testing takes around 3-4 days to get approved from Apple but the Android version should be up immediately on Google Play:

We're getting close..

MCPE 0.7.0 - Release Date

MCPE 0.7.0 has been in development for 5 months and boy has it taken Mojang along time to get this one released. Alas, we're only days away from actually seeing 0.7.0 and getting our hands on the new BIG feature - online multiplayer (Realms)!!

Apart from Realms there's a handpicked collection of new items including:

  • Buckets (from Jeb)
  • Milk
  • Cake
  • Eggs

Online Multiplayer will come together with the new Realms feature but also the new chat screen for players to taunt each other and explore like never before.

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