Minecraft 1.6 Features - New Horse Mob

Minecraft 1.6 Features - New Horse Mob

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Jeb just revealed the first official hint about Minecraft 1.6. It seems that Mojang are working in partnership with the creator of Mo' Creatures to bring us a new mob. So starting in Minecraft 1.6 we're going to get horses!

When Mo Creatures was originally created (way back in 2010) one of the first mobs added was the Horse mob. It was an exceptional mob because it was the first controllable mount in Minecraft; something which hadn't been seen before. This was long before pigs could be controlled.

DrZhark (the creator of the mod) decided to make 44 different types of horse. Breeding was an essential part in creating varying breeds of horse.

Before a player could ride a horse they had to tame the horse and also create a saddle (or horse saddle). Horses also needed to be 'broken' (trained) before they would become reliable. This was achieved by either riding the horse repeatedly or feeding the horse hay, sugar or apples.

Since that time, Mo Creatures has evolved tremendously into a vast array of animals and creatures. Even horses themselves have undergone several evolutions. We now have Zebras, Zorses, Pegasus and even Unicorns! Players can create healing potions to look after their horse and even add armour for protection against aggressive mobs.

If you haven't tried Mo Creatures yet, then we strongly recommend giving it a go. You'll find that there are over 35 new creatures (mobs) to enjoy including bunnies; birds; foxes; bears; dolphins; sharks; werewolves; mice; turtles; crocodiles; jellyfish; stingrays; insects; elephants and even mammoths!

So starting in Minecraft 1.6 we're going to see horses for the first time. Jeb's confirmed that horses can be tied to fences and can also wear armour for protection.

How to tie a horse to a fence

Horses can be tied to fences (bound) using rope. Tying a horse to a fence will stop the horse from wandering off and prevents you having to create a pen to enclose the horse.

Minecraft - Horse tied to fence

How to craft horse amour

Horses can wear amour to protect them from attacks by aggressive mobs. Similar to your own armour, the horse armour needs to be crafted first and then applied to the horse. Once applied the horses health will increase, meaning they can take more damage from attacks and falls.

In Mo Creatures there were 4 types of horse amour: Iron, Gold, Diamond and Crystal.

Iron, Gold and Diamond are created from 6 x the raw ingredient e.g. gold and 1 x coloured wool. The exact colour of the wool is black for iron, red for gold, blue for diamond. The wool is placed in the middle of the crafting grid and the other ingredients form a U shape around it.

The Crystal armour is slightly different. It is crafted from 4 x diamond and 3 x glass.

So that's the big 1.6 reveal so far. We'll bring your more information once we've got it..