Minecraft 1.6 The Horses Update - Release Date 27th June Confirmed

Minecraft 1.6 The Horses Update - Release Date 27th June Confirmed

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Mojang discreetly revealed the release date for Minecraft 1.6 using their new launcher. If you check the Minecraft News section of the launcher, there's a small paragraph just below the What's Happening at Mojang post. It confirms that Minecraft 1.6 will be released on the 27th June and is officially called the Horse Update.

The worst Minecraft update?

Few would argue that Minecraft 1.6 has been one of the most disappointing updates to date. Originally called the Mob Update, it somehow turned into more of a collective bug fix, with horses thrown in to keep people happy. So after several months of waiting, we've only got a small portion of Mo's Creatures included which quite frankly is 5% of the original mod.

It's not really good enough for Mojang to include mobs which are copied from other mods. If people wanted to see horses they'd just download Mo Creatures and be done with it. Not only would they get horses, but they'd get sharks, crocodiles, racoons, elephants…the list just goes on and on. We need Mojang to include new ideas, things which we don't have already. The Wither Boss and Command block are good examples.

Official release statement from launcher..

Minecraft 1.7 - The long awaited biome update?

Let's hope that Minecraft 1.7 is along the lines of a biome update. Lots of you have been asking and waiting for new biomes since the Pretty Scary update in 2012. Ahhhh, that was a good update..so come on Mojang pull your finger out and give us new features please!

New biome ideas..

  • Reefs - underwater corals, star fish, crabs
  • Heaven - opposite of Nether, angels
  • Ocean - sharks, whales, sunken ships
  • Volcano - lava pits, secret caves
  • Forest variations - parrots, pandas
  • Safari - lions, elephants, snakes
  • Lost city - ruins, wells, caverns