Minecraft Launcher 1.2 - Play Old Beta and Alpha Versions

Minecraft Launcher 1.2 - Play Old Beta and Alpha Versions

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Dinnerbone has released an update for the Minecraft launcher (version 1.2) that allows fans to play any old version of the game using the new launcher. This includes all Beta and Alpha versions for Minecraft dating back to 2010. It's now an integrated part of the launcher which is attached to your profile. Beta versions include the early Beta 1 and the popular adventure update Beta 1.6.

To play the old beta versions just follow these steps:

1. Run the launcher

Minecraft Launcher 1.2

2. Click the 'Edit Profile' button

3. Tick the boxes for 'Allow use old Beta' and 'Allow use old Alpha'

Minecraft Launcher - Beta Tick Box

4. Restart the launcher

5. Now click 'Edit Profile' again and select the version you want to play

Important - Avoiding world corruption

It's especially important that you change the Game Directory option in the Edit Profile screen, if you intend to play old versions. This is because as time has gone by, the code for generating worlds has changed and attempting to play a new world on an old version, or vice versa, could corrupt your world.