Minecraft Pocket Edition Update Confirmed for wk of 6th Feb

Minecraft Pocket Edition Update Confirmed for wk of 6th Feb

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The long awaited update to the mobile edition of Minecraft (Minecraft Pocket Edition) is due out wc 6th Feb. This was confirmed by Daniel Kaplan (from Mojang) on Twitter earlier today.

Depending on the approval process from Apple and Android, different platforms will be available at different times. Once approved, you'll be able to download the Pocket Edition for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Check iTunes or the Android Market for more details. We predict that the new update will be available to download on the 8th Feb.

What's new in the update

The big change to the Pocket Edition is going to be Survival mode. Pitting your wits against those zombie attacks or Ender Dragons is going to be great! Craft new items using the unique crafting system specially designed for mobile devices and tablets. It's going to be like the full version of Minecraft for your mobile.

More attention has been focused on the Pocket Edition of Minecraft since its initial release back in 2011. It's limited gameplay options (more like an Alpha version) disappointed fans. With this survival release coming, the ratings are sure to go sky high!!