Minecraft Xbox 1.8.2 Due in October - Superflat worlds, Creative mode

Minecraft Xbox 1.8.2 Due in October - Superflat worlds, Creative mode

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The next big update for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft is due for Microsoft certification testing in a couple of weeks. If all goes well, we'll probably be able to download 1.8.2 sometime in mid October. There are some great features coming including a few PC features too.

Here are some of the major features coming in Minecraft 1.8.2..

Superflat worlds

Starting with 1.8.2 you'll be able to get access to one of the more recent PC additions - Superflat worlds. Designed by Nathan, superflat worlds is actually a set of customisation options that let you choose the depth and type of materials to generate your world from. So instead of getting the nice, naturally created world with hills, trees, grass etc. you'll have the ability to create flat worlds which are perfect for building upon.

Of course, you'll be more susceptible to attacks from mobs because it won't take them long to find you. However, thanks to the new creative mode, you won't need to worry!!

Creative mode

Minecraft XBox 1.8.2 - Creative Mode

The original release for the Xbox had only one mode - survival. Now, with 1.8.2 you can choose to play in creative mode and create those lovely buildings and architectures. Unlike the PC version, you can't switch between creative and survival mode, BUT you can save your world and load it again in the other mode.

Creative mode is just as you might expect, it's the perfect environment to build rather than survive. Mobs won't attack you and you can get access to an unlimited number of blocks and items. You won't need to craft anything or dig for resources too.

4JStudios have made it really easy to select which blocks or items you want by using the new creative mode interface. Items are organized into groups such as food, transportation and redstone etc. Select as many of each item as you like and get building!

One of the other great features of creative mode is the ability to fly. You'll be able to take a birds eye view of your magnificent creations and post them on your YouTube channel!

Other new features

Minecraft XBox 1.8.2 - Enderman

  • Storage chest
  • Stone bricks
  • Rivers
  • Ravines
  • Abandoned Mineshafts
  • Villages
  • Strongholds
  • Flying (creative mode only)
  • Food bar
  • New tutorial secrets
  • New food items
  • Silverfish
  • Enderman
  • Cave Spider