New Minecraft Copyright Terms - Rules for mobile apps, videos and screenshots

New Minecraft Copyright Terms - Rules for mobile apps, videos and screenshots

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Mojang have just updated their terms and conditions for Minecraft. The new terms include legal rules for creating/using Minecraft videos and screenshots, and what you can and can't do with mods. They've also tightened the knot around apps, pirate downloads and software distribution.

Just recently, a few naughty iPhone developers received a letter from Mojang's lawyers. They demanded that the individuals remove the Minecraft tags from their iPhone app immediately. The app had little to do with Minecraft but the tags were used to sneakily help promote their commercial software.

So Mojang has had enough now, and the revised terms clearly state what you can and can't do with the Minecraft brand. If it's a dishonest attempt to promote a commercial product by using Minecraft brands or words, then you're going to be in trouble.

To make things clear..

Things you CAN'T do

  • You can't distribute Minecraft server or client files - torrent sites, 4shared, etc. all are banned
  • You can't distribute a modified version of the Minecraft launcher
  • Although you're allowed to make mods and texture packs for Minecraft, you can't make money from them
  • You can't rip art resources and distribute them - including logos
  • You can't re-sell gift codes and license keys - no ebay sales of minecraft keys
  • You can't make your product appear as 'official', unless given consent from Mojang. For example, the following app name would be banned: Minecraft - the ultimate help app

Things you CAN do

  • Create some nice mods or texture packs and freely distribute them
  • Create tools from scratch that support Minecraft - map editors, adventure maps
  • Upload gameplay videos and unofficial trailers to YouTube
  • Create screenshots of the game, but NOT sell them (no commercial wallpapers)

Not sure if you're breaking the law?

Check the offical terms and conditions
Or check the brand guidelines

If in doubt, just ask Notch. He's a nice guy!

Notch (Twitter)