Resident Evil 2 Remake - How to Get to Clock Tower and Use Library Jack

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In this guide for the RE2 Remake game, you'll learn how to get to the Clock Tower on the third floor of the Police Department by using the Jack tool in the Library. This is a common question in the game because the Clock Tower is seemingly blocked off from several pathways.

Like most rooms in the game, the Clock Tower contains an important Key Item called a Power Panel Part which must be used on the Jail cell underneath the Police Department. The actual puzzle in the Clock Tower is relatively easy to solve but getting inside the room is the tricky part.

Third Floor Map

Let's start by taking a look at the third floor map for the Police Department and explain where we're trying to get to:

Third Floor Map

The Clock Tower is located in the South Western corner of the Police Station (3F) building. There are two corridors leading to the Clock Tower, one leading down the side of the West Storage Room (which is blocked) and another horizontal path from 3F of the Main Hall.

Next, let's look at the Library room (2F) and the Jack tool which is positioned beside the shelves. Notice that there is a ladder in here which takes us up to the upper level of the Library and the gangway (3F):

Jack Tool map location

Take note of this Jack because it's vital for gaining access to the Clock Tower.

Blocked Paths

We've briefly covered one of the block paths leading to the Clock Tower (the one which runs down the side of the West Storage Room). This path looks like an obvious choice but it's permanently blocked off and this doesn't change the entire game. You will encounter this pathway early in the game which makes it a little confusing why the Clock Tower is inaccessible.

The second possible route to the Clock Tower is from 3F of the Main Hall. One possible way to get here is from the East Storage Room (after going through the Roof). Unfortunately this is another dead end since the East Storage Room door leading to the Main Hall corridor is locked from the other side, preventing you from accessing it from inside the East Storage Room.

How to use the Library Jack

Using the Library

With both of these pathways blocked off there is ONLY one way to the Clock Tower and that is across the Library 3F gangway. This gangway is inaccessible early in the game because there are gaps between the Library shelves. If only you could move them?

Thanks to a yellow Key Item called the Tool, which when inspected turns out to be the "Mechanic Jack Handle", we can remove the Jack and freely move the Library shelves into a different position. By moving all of the shelves side by side, a new pathway is formed on 3F which leads all the way to the Clock Tower. Take a look at the map below for this route:

Path leading to Clock Tower

Where is the Jack Tool

Now the tricky part. The actual Jack Tool is hidden deep in the game, probably a good couple of hours for your first play through. You must explore the West and Eastern side of the Police Department to trigger the helicopter crash. Then collect all of the Medallions and activate the secret entrance underground. Then explore the underground facility until the Basement (B1) of the Police Department is unlocked.

Further into the story you will unlock the Roof area of the Eastern side of the Police Department and explore the Boiler Room (1F). Inside this room is an important Key - the Green Club Key in fact!

Boiler room on map

This key is essential for unlocking the door to the Records Room (1F) on the Western side of the PD. Inside the room is the Jack Tool:

Records room on map

As you might expect, there are many, many Key Items to collect before you even get close to the Jack Tool. You'll know when the the time is right so just enjoy the experience.

Clock Tower puzzle solution: If you need help finding the gear and solving the clock tower puzzle then take a look at the YouTube video tutorial below:
Youtube logo YouTube walkthrough video

Video Walkthrough

If you prefer a video walkthrough for the steps mentioned above then check the video below: