Resident Evil 2 Remake - S Rank Time Requirements for Infinite Ammo Unlocks

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The Resident Evil 2 Remake game on PS4 has a ranking system that determines your effectiveness at completing the Leon and Claire A/B scenarios. The ranking system is also responsible for unlocking various infinite ammo cheats in the game. In this short guide I'm going to cover exactly how to get infinite ammo and discuss the various requirements for achieving the highest rank in the game (S rank).

Similar to how an exam paper is graded, the game provides a rank from S (best) down to E (worst). This is a slight change from the original game where players would get an A rank for the best possible performance. Players receive their time and rank at the end of a Scenario.

In the remake, an S rank is not only the best rank you can get but it's also the gateway to unlocking the infinite ammo cheat. It's recommended that players get the Standard mode infinite ammo unlock first before attempting an S rank speedrun on the Hardcore difficulty.

Let's take a look at the requirements for S rank which do vary slightly per scenario.

S Rank Requirements and How to Get S+ Rank

The requirements for an S rank are time based only. You can save and die as much as you want, so long as you complete the game in the time specified below.

The requirements for an S+ rank depend on time, weapons used and number of saves. You MUST complete the game in the time specified below, with less than 4 saves and DO NOT use an Infinite Ammo weapon.

S Rank screenshot

Tip: If you do die, don't select "Continue" because it keeps the clock running since your last death. Instead, quit to the Main Menu and continue from there so it loads your last checkpoint and reverts your timer back.

Standard Difficulty S Rank

For the standard difficulty you've got to be aiming for the 3 hour mark. The times are the same for each character (Leon/Claire).

  • A Scenario - Under 3 Hours 30 Mins
  • B Scenario - Under 3 Hours

Hardcore Difficulty S Rank

Hardcore difficulty knocks an hour off the S Rank completion time for both scenarios. Before attempting a hardcore S Rank, you should really have a strategy and know which rooms contain Key Items and which can be avoided entirely. It's also a good idea to save grenades for the Sewer enemies to clear that section in 15 mins or less.

  • A Scenario - Under 2 Hours 30 Mins
  • B Scenario - Under 2 Hours

Infinite Ammo Weapons

Claire screenshot

Update: I previously noted that only three weapons were included in the Infinite Ammo unlock. This has in fact turned out to be only half the story - the Rocket Launcher, Mini-Gun and Flamethrower are ALL included!

The Infinite Ammo weapons and their requirements are shown below.

Unlock Requirements

Infinite Samurai Edge Pistol Ammo
Beat Standard Difficulty with S Rank.

Infinite LE 5 Submachine Gun Ammo
Beat Hardcore Difficulty with S Rank.

Infinite ATM-4 Rocket Launcher Ammo
Beat Leon Hardcore Difficulty with S+ Rank.

Infinite Mini-Gun Ammo
Beat Claire Hardcore Difficulty with S+ Rank.

Infinite Combat Knife
Find all 15 Mr Raccoons (multiple playthroughs required, some exclusive to characters).

More unlocks?

If you would to know how to unlock the secret Konjac, Uiro-Mochi and Flan modes, where players start with high powered weapons such as Flamethrower, Grenade Launcher and Spark Shot, see the extra modes unlock guide.