Single Player Commands (cheats) in Minecraft 12w16a

Single Player Commands (cheats) in Minecraft 12w16a

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Starting in snapshot 12w16a, Jeb has included Single Player Commands in the game. You don't need to install the SPC mod, just switch on the option when you create your world. So which commands are included in 12w16? Take a look..

If you've used the Single Player Commands (SPC) mod before then you'll know that over 100 commands are included. Starting with 12w16, there are now 6 commands.

How to turn Single Player Commands (SPC) on?

Start a new Single player game

minecraft SPC

Choose Create New World

Click the More World Options

Click the Allow Cheats button so it says ON

minecraft SPC

Create the new world and play the game

How to use Single Player Commands (SPC) during the game?

The commands are issued through the interactive chat window. To open the chat window press T on the keyboard. You'll notice a transparent bar will appear on the bottom left of the screen.

Type forwards slash / followed by the name of the command and any paramters (see below).


/time set 15000

How can I see a list of all commands?

Just open the chat window and press forward slash / and then TAB.

minecraft SPC

Which commands are included in 12w16a?

Although there are 6 commands to choose from, some of them are cut down versions of the full version. For example, the sleep command does not include the day or night option. You can either add time or set the time.

Commands included so far are:

  • gamemode
  • toggledownfall
  • time
  • give
  • klill
  • xp

Commands List


Allows you to set the time or jump forward in time (using set or add).


/time set 15000

minecraft SPC

Sets the time to 15000

/time add 1000

Adds 1000 to the time


Sets the game mode to demo, survival or creative


/gamemode survival


Gives another player a certain amount of a particular item, block or resource. Tip: You will need to know the block id's to know what you're giving.

Example below gives yourself 1 item of Iron Ore:

/give 1 15


Give yourself extra experience. Specify the number of experience points you want to give yourself.

Example below gives you 100 experience:

/xp 100


Kills the player. No example needed!


Seems to toggle (on/off) the immediate downfall of rain (thunderstorm).