The Shadowed Throne - How to Unlock All Secret Characters

The Shadowed Throne - How to Unlock All Secret Characters

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The DLC 2 map for Call of Duty WW2 zombies, "The Shadowed Throne", contains a small selection of unlockable characters that players can acquire by completing a set of challenges. Like previous character unlocks, these challenges will test your zombie slaying skills in the latest map from Sledgehammer Games.

As with the base map and DLC 1, the actual challenges are kept secret until the player discovers their requirements for the first time. So it's with much thanks that the community has decided to share their findings and allow other players to become unstuck. Below you'll find a complete list of challenges together with screenshots of each outfit where appropriate.

Example for character challenge shown in menu

In total there are currently three secret characters in The Shadowed Throne, others may be discovered at a later date but it's unlikely. Each unlock has a set of 5 or 6 associated challenges that must be completed to reveal the new outfit in the zombies menu. Like before, challenges carry over to subsequent playthroughs so there's no need to complete all of them in a single game or worry about losing progress.

Note: The challenges are almost complete, the list below will be updated with the last challenge soon. If you would like to help, leave a comment with any new information you have.

Unlock Requirements

Necromedic (Fieldwork)

Probably the easiest of all the characters to unlock. The Fieldwork outfit is unlocked by killing the mysterious "Treasure Zombie" several times, getting hundreds of trap kills and surviving with only melee attacks in the museum.

Challenge Unlock Requirements Unlock Text Riddle
Requires Batteries Kill a Treasure Zombie. Reclaimed a peculiar power supply. With this, my designs will know no limit.
Useful Contraption Kill a Treasure Zombie. Reclaimed an old hobby project. Where did I leave that damned thing?
Missing Supplies Kill a Treasure Zombie. Reclaimed a necessary tool. We cannot continue without my tools.
Dirty Work Use only melee weapons in the Museum for 25 consecutive waves (do not leave). Established an organ donation facility. Hands on experience
Tech Savy Get 100+ kills in each trap after round 21 (no other kills allowed). Exterminated the threat with planning and execution. Play the field

The Stalker (Vigilant)

Challenge How to unlock Unlock Text Riddle
Keep Hands Clear Complete the Main Easter Egg without any player getting downed. Handled the Stadtjager with caution. Heavy Machinery
Hold Your Ground. Stay in the spawn room until Wave 21 (i.e. don't open any doors). Banished the darkness from the depths of Berlin. In the shadows
Extinguisher Get 10 x 1-Shot Kills on Gekocht (Sizzler/Fire) zombies in a row (not using shotgun or the upgraded 9mm SAP). Blew out the candles. Snuff the flame
Minimalist Survive to Wave 31 without Blitz (perks), Mods, Special Abilities, Mystery Box or PaP. You can use armour. Rivaled the undead menace without surrendering to powers unknown No shiny tools
??? Unconfirmed: Survive to wave 31 without taking any damage. ??? I'll be fine

Skullbreaker (The Answer)

Challenge Unlock Requirements Unlock Text Riddle
Fight Fair. Complete the Main Easter Egg without using any of the perk machines (applies to all players, armour is ok). Ended the beast with determination and good training. Some ground rules first
Down The Sights Survive 3 consecutive rounds by only using headshots. Cleared the area with deadly precision. Target Practice
Crush Them Quick. Get to Wave 21 in less than 25 minutes. Responded to a bad situation swiftly and effectively "Go Go Go!"
Time Cruncher Complete the main EE in under 33 mins (time trial challenge) Dismantled a machine of death and terror before nightfall. Hard shutdown.
Set the stage Survive 15 consecutive waves on the front of the stage area in the Cabaret (theatre). Taking too much enjoyment in this Show time