The Tortured Path Zombies Map - COD WW2

The Tortured Path Zombies Map - COD WW2

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A leaked set of PS trophies has confirmed that "The Tortured Path" will be the zombies map included in DLC 3 for COD WW2. The DLC pack is known as United Front and will be released in early July.

Easter Egg hunt underway!

The map is officially out and the Easter Egg hunt is underway. Follow the latest progress in the complete EE guide.

With all the euphoria surrounding the E3 conference (and of course the start of the World Cup), we've all but forgotten about the current Call of Duty title: WW2. At E3 in particular, Treyarch well and truly stole the limelight (once again) as they promoted their four zombies launch maps - yes you read that right, FOUR zombies maps at launch for Black Ops 4!

Back to WW2 zombies for a moment - so what do we know about "The Tortured Path" map? Well, the complete set of trophies has been leaked through the PS store, providing another sense of dejavu that occured with DLC 1 and DLC 2. Trust Sledgehammer to leak the name through an update again.

Buried inside the trophies list there are hints at the maps location, with the "I'll be home for Christmas" trophy alluding to a wintery or snowy map. Players have to escape from beneath the ice to accomplish this achievement whilst another achievement implies an escape from the storm.

In fact there are a series of trophies that allude to a gradual escape from different areas of the map, culminating in the overall hidden trophy called "Extra Tortured Path" which is earned by escaping from "every maps". A mention of the "Guardian" seems like a big clue to the BOSS for this map, a protective presence and quite possibly a sea creature of sorts.

The Tortured Path trophy list

Another interesting trophy called "I have the power", confirms that although until now we've been concentrating on collecting the individual parts of Barbarossa's sword, we'll actually be building the final sword in The Tortured Path map. So it seems that players will complete this Sword wonder weapon, one map before from the conclusion of the WW2 zombies storyline.

This is all the information we have right now, but with this trophy list now in the open it won't be long until we get our first trailer for The Tortured Path and a confirmed release date.

If you would like to see the complete list of leaked trophies, take a peek below...

Complete Trophy List

  • Ride of the Century - In The Tortured Path, complete 100 objective waves
  • (Hidden) Uber Lurker - In The Tortured Path, find and shoot Klaus
  • I'll Be Home For Christmas - In The Tortured Path, successfully escape from Beneath the Ice
  • Over Engineered - In The Tortured Path, collect 25 Engineered Parts
  • Sea Sick - In The Tortured Path, successfully escape from Across the Depth
  • We've Only Just Begun - In The Tortured Path, successfully escape from Into the Storm
  • David, Meet Goliath - In The Tortured Path, defeat the Guardian solo
  • B.A.T. Elite (Hidden) - In The Tortured Path, reach the max Bureau ranking
  • Extra Tortured Path (Hidden) - In The Tortured Path, successfully escape from every map without using any Blitz
  • I Have the Power (Hidden) - In The Tortured Path, assemble the Sword of Barbarossa