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Crash Bandicoot 3 N Sane Trilogy - Clear and Coloured Gems Guide

Crash Bandicoot 3 N Sane Trilogy - Clear and Coloured Gems Guide
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A complete guide for collecting all of the clear and coloured gems in Crash Bandicoot 3 on the PS4. Collecting all of the gems (and relics) is a requirement for unlocking the secret (second) ending cutscene and gaining the 100% achievement in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped.

In total there are 40 clear gems and 5 coloured gems in the game. The five coloured gems are: Red, Purple, Blue, Green and Yellow. Collecting gems will open up new areas of the game that were previously inaccessible, allowing you to go back and collect the full set of clear gems. The levels with coloured gem platforms have been highlighted on the reference table further down this post.

Level review screen showing missing boxes

Although coloured gems are typically hidden and their unlock requirements vary slightly, the first clear gem on each level always has the same requirements. Simply smash all of the boxes (crates) on a level to earn the first clear gem.

Some levels have a second gem as a potential reward. The requirements for these do vary. See the reference table below for further details.

Toom Wader level selection screen showing clear and blue gem

Finally, besides gems, players can also collect crystals, which are the minimum requirement to progress through the different Warp Zones, and also Relics, which are special rewards for completing time trial challenges in certain time limits.

You'll need a combination of all clear gems, all coloured gems and all relics to get the secret second ending. Good luck!!

How to Get ALL Clear Gems

Warp Room showing two clear

Crash 3 is much larger than both its predecessors with 32 levels in total. Almost half of all the levels have a second gem, either clear or coloured.

First Clear Gem

As mentioned above, the first clear gem on every level is acquired by breaking ALL of the boxes in that level.

A box counter appears at the end of every level, showing you how many boxes you missed. Replaying levels to explore every avenue is common practice in Crash Bandicoot, this includes playing the Bonus areas and any secret pathways that are opened by collecting coloured gems later in the game.

Second Gem

The table below shows which levels have a second gem reward and where you can find the secret gem paths throughout the game. This is useful when you need to return to a level after finding the coloured gem, in order to break the extra boxes that are hidden in the secret pathway.

In most cases, the second gem is found in the secret gem pathway, which can only be opened with the corresponding coloured gem. Gem paths are accessible via platforms (elevators), in the shape and colour of the gem required to activate them.

Alternatively, the second gem can also be a reward for winning a race on one of the racing levels.

Gem Reference Table

LvL Name Bonus Area Second Gem? Secret Gem Path
1 Toad Village Y
2 Under Pressure      
3 Orient Express      
4 Bone Yard Y Clear Gem Red Path
5 Makin' Waves      
6 Gee Wiz Y    
7 Hang 'Em High Y
Yellow Gem
8 Hog Ride      
9 Tomb Time Y Clear Gem Purple Path
10 Midnight Run      
11 Dino Might! Y Clear Gem Yellow Path
12 Deep Trouble   Red Gem  
13 High Time Y Purple Gem Death Route
14 Road Crash      
15 Double Header Y    
16 Sphynxinator Y Clear Gem Blue Path
17 Bye-Bye Blimps      
18 Tell No Tales      
19 Future Frenzy   Clear Gem**  
20 Tomb Wader Y Blue Gem Death Route
21 Gone Tomorrow Y Clear Gem Green Path
22 Orange Asphalt      
23 Flaming Passion Y Green Gem Death Route
24 Mad Bombers      
25 Bug Lite Y Clear Gem ALL Gems
26 Ski Crazed      
27 Hang 'Em High   Yellow Gem*  
28 Area 51?   Clear Gem***  
29 Future Frenzy   Clear Gem**  
30 Rings of Power   Clear Gem***  
31 Hot Coco      
32 Eggipus Rex      


* Yellow Gem is located in Level 7, but is only accessible through Level 27.

** Clear Gem is located in Level 19, but is only accessible through Level 29.

*** Clear Gem is a reward for winning the race.

How to Get ALL Coloured Gems

Warp Room showing Red gem

The table above provides a good reference point for the levels that contain coloured gems and which others have secret gem elevators. For a more detailed guide on each of the coloured gems see the sections below…


The Red gem is located on level 12 called "Deep Trouble". This is a particularly tough level and you'll need some skillful swimming and boat riding skills to get through it.

About halfway through the level you'll come across a wall of iron crates and an outline box. You MUST progress to the end of the level and hit the iron switch to turn this outline box into a TNT box. Swim back to the location and slightly touch (don't spin) the TNT to activate it.

Watch in amusement as the TNT explodes the iron boxes revealing a new pathway. It's in here that you'll find the sacred Red gem. Swim carefully using all your skill and eventually you'll find that Red gem reward.

Once you have the Red gem, return to level 4 "Bone Yard" and use the elevator located about halfway through the level.

Purple, Blue and Green

These three coloured gems are all rewards for completing Death Route pathways. Death Routes are particularly hard sections of a level that usually contain many nitro boxes, falls and enemies.

Death Routes are marked by platforms with Skull & crossbones on them. These platforms ONLY appear if you reach that point in the level without dying. If you die beforehand then the platform is just an outline instead.

The list below shows which Death Routes you must complete to earn these gems:

  • Purple - Level 13 "High Time"
  • Blue - Level 20 "Tomb Wader"
  • Green - Level 23 "Flaming Passion"


The Yellow gem is located in Level 7 "Hang em High" BUT you can't get it unless you use the secret entrance from Level 27 "Hang em High". First however, you will need 10 Relics which are rewards for completing Time Trials in certain time limits.

Once you have the 10 Relics and are playing level 27, look out for the sequence of ascending nitro boxes that you can bounce over. Time your jumps perfectly and you'll find the Yellow gem at the top of the sequence.

Once you have the Yellow gem, return to level 11 "Dino Might" and let the second flying dinosaur (Pterodactyl) pick you up and carry you to a secret "Eggipus Rex" level.

Alternate Secret Ending

Alternate ending cutscene

Once you have the 25 crystals, 40 clear gems, 5 coloured gems and 30 relics you can unlock the alternate ending in Crash Bandicoot 2. Simply defeat the final BOSS (N Cortex) and the second ending cutscene will commence.


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