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Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy - Gem Guide and Alternate Ending

Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy - Gem Guide and Alternate Ending
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A complete guide for finding all of the coloured gems in Crash Bandicoot remastered on the PS4. This guide will explain exactly how to get the green, orange, blue, red, purple and yellow gems, and open the secret gem pathways to get 100% completion and the Platinum Trophy. Collecting coloured gems unlocks new playable areas in the game and collecting every single gem will even open a secret alternative ending.

This guide is designed to help those who bought the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy for the PS4 but it can also be used as a reference for the original Playstation version, if you're using an emulator or even an original PS console.

About Clear and Coloured Gems

World map / level selection screen

There are two kinds of Gems in Crash Bandicoot 1; clear and coloured versions. Both types of gem are collectible items that help towards end-game achievements. The major difference is that coloured gems unlock hidden pathways, which in turn help you reach inaccessible boxes that are required to earn the clear variety of gems, pushing you towards that 100% completion goal and the secret ending cutscene.

The important thing to note about Crash Bandicoot 1 is that ONLY one gem is rewarded per level, with most levels offering a clear gem and a few offering one of the coloured gems. The list of levels that reward coloured gems is shown further down the page.

Transparent / Ghost Gems

Sometimes when exploring a level you will see a transparent (Ghost) gem, floating in the sky. These Ghost gems signify that a secret pathway is nearby and you need the appropriate coloured gem to unlock the path.

Finding the coloured gem and revisiting the level will allow you to access the secret pathway, helping you smash all of the boxes on that level.

As an example, the first "Ghost" gem appears in level 2 (Jungle Rollers). It's a green gem silhouette but you won't earn that gem until you reach level 10 (Lost City), on the second island. In fact, 5 of the 6 coloured gems will appear as "Ghosts" on the first island but none of them can be earned until you reach the second and third islands.

How to Get Gems

Perfect level completion showing gem reward

The rules are quite simple:

"Smash all the boxes on a level to earn the gem reward at the end"

In the original PS1 version you had to do this without dying for clear gems, but this is no longer the case in the N-Sane version. However, you have to get all boxes without dying for coloured gems - which is very, very difficult.

This rule does not include the Bonus area, so you can die as many times as you like in there.

The colour of the gem you earn depends on the level (see tables below).

How to Get Coloured Gems

Crash Bandicoot celebration screenshot

The tables below show all the levels in Crash Bandicoot and the Gem rewards for each. Follow the rule above: smashing all boxes on a level (and not dying for coloured gems) to earn the Gem reward at the end of the level.

The "Gem Needed" column informs you which Gem you'll need to access the secret pathway on a particular level. You'll need to revisit levels to venture down these secret pathways in order to smash all the boxes which are inaccessible otherwise.

Island 1

LvL Name Gem Reward Gem Needed
1 N. Sanity Beach White Gem
2 Jungle Rollers White Gem Green Gem
3 Great Gate White Gem Yellow Gem
4 Boulders White Gem  
5 Upstream White Gem Orange Gem
B1 Papu Papu    
6 Rolling Stones White Gem Blue Gem
7 Hog Wild White Gem  
8 Native Fortress White Gem Red Gem

Island 2

LvL Name Gem Reward Gem Needed
9 Up the Creek White Gem
B2 Ripper Roo    
10 Lost City Green Gem  
11 Temple Ruins White Gem  
12 Road to Nowhere White Gem Red Gem
13 Boulder Dash White Gem Purple Gem
14 Sunset Vista White Gem  
B3 Koala Kong    

Island 3

LvL Name Gem Reward Gem Needed
15 Heavy Machinery White Gem
16 Cortex Power White Gem Blue Gem
17 Generator Room Orange Gem  
18 Toxic Waste Blue Gem  
B4 Pinstripe    
19 The High Road White Gem  
20 Slippery Climb Red Gem  
21 Lights Out Purple Gem Yellow Gem
22 Jaws of Darkness White Gem Blue Gem
23 Castle Machinery White Gem Green Gem
B5 Nitrus Brio    
24 The Lab Yellow Gem  
25 The Great Hall   All White Gems
B6 Cortex    

Secret Alternate Ending

Alternate ending

Towards the very end of Crash Bandicoot you'll notice a level called "The Great Hall". This appears just after the "The Lab" level and before the floating airship in the sky. Successfully collecting all of the gems leading up to this level will give you the option to unlock the alternate ending.

Upon entering "The Great Hall" level, immediately take note of the gem platform in front of you that is moving horizontally from left to right and vice versa. Crash can jump on this platform and take the secret route that leads to the right. If you have all the gems, multiple platforms will appear, allowing Crash to jump deeper and deeper into the Great Hall.

Eventually the platforms lead to a secret area and an alternate ending. I won't spoil things any further, it's for you to enjoy!!


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