How to Unlock All Outfits and Costumes - Super Mario Odyssey

How to Unlock All Outfits and Costumes - Super Mario Odyssey

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There are over 40+ outfits to unlock in Super Mario Odyssey. In this guide you'll find a complete list of all of the costumes with unlock requirements for each of them. Some outfits are unlocked by reaching certain milestones such as defeating a certain boss, collecting x number of Power Moons, whilst others are purchasable from merchants.

As mentioned in my previous guide, costumes are not only aesthetic but some are also functional too. For example, the builders costume that Mario can buy in the Metro Kingdom will help unlock an inaccessible area with a secret Power Moon inside. Without this costume the area remains off limits permanently.

How do you get Costumes

Most costumes are purchasable from merchants for x number of coins, either Yellow coins which are not world specific or coloured coins which relate to each world. Other costumes come through rewards such as beating a certain BOSS.

Some of the early game costumes are relatively cheap in Odyssey whilst the latter ones such as the wedding suit cost over 1000 coins a piece (1000 for the cap and 2000 for the main suit). There are even more expensive costumes, with one widely expensive one called the "skeleton" which costs 9999 coins - that's going to take some seriously dedicated saving!

Alternatively, you can also unlock costumes by owning the relevant Amiibo character (toy) and thus get the in-game costume for free.

Ok, let's get down to business. The table below shows all of the costumes in the Odyssey game, with details on the kingdoms they can be found in, unlock requirements and any monetary cost.

The list is now complete - enjoy!!

All Outfits

Name Kingdom Store Unlock Requirements Cost
American Footballer & Football Helmet Generic Store Complete story 100 (Helmet), 200 (Uniform)
Aviator & Aviator Cap Lost None Local coins
Black tux & Black Top Hat Cap None Local coins
Black suit & Black Fedora Generic Store Unlocked in Metro 50 (Fedora), 100 (Suit)
Boxer shorts Generic Store Unlocked in Sand Kingdom 1000 coins
Builder & Builder Helmet Metro None Local coins
Caveman & Caveman Headwear Cascade None Local coins
Chef & Chef Hat Luncheon None Local coins
Classic & Classic Cap Generic Store Complete story 100 (Cap), 200 (Suit)
Clown & Clown Hat Generic Store Unlocked in Luncheon 50 (Hat), 100 (Suit)
Cowboy & Cowboy Hat Sand None Local coins
CrazyCap Employee Uniform and Employee Cap Generic Store Unlock in Sand kingdrom 50 (Cap), 150 (Uniform)
Diddy Kong Generic Store From Amiibo toy OR 300 / 320 Power Moons 100 (Hat), 200 (Suit)
Dr Mario & Doctor Headwear Generic Store Complete story 100 (Headwear), 200 (Outfit)
Explorer & Explorer Hat Wooded None Local coins
Fashionable & Fashionable Cap Generic Store Lake 50 (Cap), 100 (Outfit)
Invisibility Cap Darker Side Collect 500 Power Moons and complete Darker Side of the Moon
Luigi & Luigi Cap Generic Store Complete story 100 (Cap), 200 (Suit)
Gold & Gold Mario Cap Generic Store 500 / 520 Power Moons (Darker Side of Moon) 1000 (Cap), 2000 (Suit)
Golf & Golf Cap Metro None Local coins
Hakama Generic Store 400 Power Moons 500 coins
King & King's Crown Complete Rabbit Tower (Dark Side of the Moon) Free
Mario 64 & Mario 64 Cap Mushroom Complete story Local coins
Mechanic & Mechanic Cap Generic Store Unlocked in Wooden Kingdom 50 (Cap), 100 (Outfit)
Metal & Metal Mario Cap 540 / 560 Power Moons 1000 (Cap), 2000 (Suit)
Painter & Painter Cap Luncheon None Local coins
Pirate & Pirate Hat Generic Store Unlocked in Seaside Kingdom 50 (Hat), 100 (Outfit)
Poncho & Sombrero Sand None Local coins
Resort & Resort Hat Seaside None Local coins
Sailor & Sailor Hat Seaside None Local coins
Samurai & Samurai Helmet Bowsers None Local coins
Scientist & Scientist Visor Wooden None Local coins
Skeleton Generic Store Complete story 9999 coins
Snow suit and Snow Hood Snow None Local coins
Spacesuit & Space Helmet Moon None Local coins
Swimwear & Swim Goggles Lake None Local coins
Waluigi Generic Store From Amiibo toy OR 260 / 280 Power Moons 100 (Cap), 200 (Suit)
Wario Generic Store From Amiibo toy OR 340 / 360 Power Moons 100 (Cap), 200 (Suit)
Wedding suit (Bowser) & Bowsers Top Hat Generic Store 420 / 440 Power Moons 1000 (Hat), 2000 (Tuxedo)
Wedding dress (Peach) & Bridal Veil Generic Store 460 / 480 Power Moons 1000 (Veil), 2000 (Gown)
Wedding suit (Mario) & Top Hat Generic Store 250 Power Moons 1000 (Hat), 2000 (Tuxedo)

Special Perks when using Amiibo

If you have the Amiibo characters (toys) you can gain special perks inside Mario Odyssey. These specifically apply when wearing the wedding outfits.

Mario (Wedding Outfit) - temporarily makes Mario invincible. Cooldown applies.

Peach (Wedding Outfit) - grants a life-up heart, increasing maximum health to six hearts (or nine hearts with Assist Mode enabled). Cooldown also applies.

Bowser (Wedding Outfit) - reveals the location of missing Regional Coins, roughly in the direction Mario is facing when activating the Amiibo. Can be used repeatedly so long as the most recently revealed regional coins are found first.

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