List of All Kingdoms and Number of Power Moons per Kingdom - Super Mario Odyssey

List of All Kingdoms and Number of Power Moons per Kingdom - Super Mario Odyssey

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This guide contains a list of ALL of the kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey together with a count of the number of Power Moon's per kingdom. Since the game changes as you progress, the Moon counts below are split into different sections.

Players should note that once endgame has been reached (after defeating the final BOSS), special Moonstones appear that reveal additional Power Moon's (PM's) to collect on each of the kingdoms. Certain NPC's such as Toadette will also appear endgame, giving you the chance to earn PM's through achievements.

In total there are 14 Kingdoms pre-endgame and an additional 3 Kingdoms unlocked post game, making a total of 17 Kingdoms to enjoy.

Please bare in mind that Odyssey has only just released and the counts below may be subject to editing should new ways to unlock additional Moon's be discovered. As things stand it is up to date.

Main Levels

Below is a list of Power Moon's found on each of the main kingdoms before endgame. As you can see, Metro has the largest number of Moon's whilst Cloud is only two. Players do NOT have to collect every Power Moon to progress from one kingdom to the next. In fact very few Moon's are required to actually reach the game's first ending.

Main Kingdoms and Power Moon Counts

  • Cap (Bonneton) - 17
  • Cascade (Fossil Falls) - 25
  • Sand (Tostarena) - 69
  • Lake (Lake Lamode) - 33
  • Wooded (Steam Gardens) - 54
  • Cloud (Nimbus Arena) - 2
  • Lost (Forgotten Isle) - 25
  • Metro (New Donk City) - 66
  • Snow (Shiveria) - 37
  • Seaside (Bubblaine) - 52
  • Luncheon (Mount Volbono) - 56
  • Ruined (Crumbleden) - 5
  • Bowser's (Bowser's Castle) - 45
  • Moon (Honeylune Ridge) - 27


Unlocked Kingdoms and Power Moon Counts

The following kingdoms are unlocked after defeating the final BOSS. Mushroom is automatically unlocked for you whilst the Dark and Darker side of the moon are unlocked by Power Moon milestones, collecting 250 and 500 respectively.

  • Mushroom (Peach's Castle) - 104
  • Dark side of the Moon (Rabbit Ridge) - 24
  • Darker side of the Moon (Culmina Crater) - 1

As you can see, Mushroom contains a huge number of PM's, mainly because of Toadette and the achievements. These will help you push towards the milestones for reaching the secret areas of the moon.

Updated Moon Count Endgame

All of the previously mentioned main Kingdoms (Cap, Sand, Lake etc.) have new Power Moon's during endgame. These are revealed by breaking the Moonstones (aka Moon blocks).

The updated Mount counts postgame are:

  • Mushroom (104)
  • Cap (31)
  • Cascade (40)
  • Sand (89)
  • Lake (42)
  • Wooden (76)
  • Cloud (9)
  • Lost (35)
  • Metro (81)
  • Snow (55)
  • SeaSide (71)
  • Luncheon (68)
  • Ruined (10)
  • Bowser (62)
  • Moon (38)
  • Dark Side (24)
  • Darker Side (1)

Total = 836 (not including Moons from shops)

Total Number of Moons

In total there are 800+ Moon's in the game (880 according to the official guide book) that are all required to reach the 100% achievement.

The lists above have been verified and total moon counts intact.

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