Super Mario Odyssey - All Painting Locations (Warp Gates)

Super Mario Odyssey - All Painting Locations (Warp Gates)

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Super Mario Odyssey contains 10 secret paintings (or portraits if you prefer) that warp Mario off to another location in search of a secret Power Moon. These paintings are typically well hidden so read on for a complete guide to finding all of them.

Upon finding a painting the next part is straightforward. Simply walk up and hit X to jump into the painting and shoot through the portal, instantly teleporting to another kingdom. Later on, preferably once you've found the secret Power Moon, reverse the process by jumping back into the painting to teleport back to your starting position.

Note: players usually have to beat the kingdom boss before a painting will activate.

Ok, here's all 10 painting locations...

All Painting Locations

1. Cascade Kingdom

Leads to Bowser's Kingdom

Cascade Kingdom painting

At the beginning of the level by the Odyssey, run along the side pathway until you reach the large waterfall. Jump into the clear water and swim to the right until you find a little cavern. Three local coins and the painting await you.

2. Sand Kingdom

Leads to Metro Kingdom

Sand Kingdom painting

Warp to Tosterena ruins sand pillar, turn 90 degrees right and run across the mound with the circular coins. Drop off the edge and head towards the pillar by the Jaxi stop. On the rear side of the pillar is the painting.

3. Lake Kingdom

Leads to Sand Kingdom

Lake Kingdom painting

Warp to courtyard flag, jump into the pool right by the flag. The painting is submerged underwater at the bottom of the pool - easy to spot. Map marker reads "Broodals over the lake".

4. Wooded Kingdom

Leads to Luncheon

Wooded Kingdom painting

Travel to Iron mountain path station 8, drop down to the platform underneath and go left towards the gap in the fence and the yellow pole you can slide down. Once down the pole, turn left and jump across the sequential crumbling boxes. Throw Cappy at the wooden scarecrow and start the timed challenge.

Complete the small platform challenge and continue the onwards journey across the narrow girder, even after getting the Power Moon. There's one large crate at the end of the pathway with the painting hidden on its rear side.

5. Metro Kingdom

Upon arriving immediately run behind the Odyssey ship and jump over the fence to the platform down below. The painting is staring you right in the face!

6. Snow Kingdom

Leads to Cascade

Snow Kingdom painting

Complete the main story first. Leave the Odyssey ship and venture down the narrow path to capture a Cloud using Cappy. Return to the Odyssey, face the ship and turn 90 degrees to your left. Fly along, hugging the mountain edge on your right, until you see the wooden shaped "stair" platform, as shown in the image above.

Blow the platform using the clouds ability and move it to the far left hand side. Leave the cloud and as Mario climb up the stairs to the upper icy platform. The painting is there on top.

7. Seaside Kingdom

Leads to Lake Kingdom

Seaside Kingdom painting

Defeat the BOSS first then jump into one of the four jet streams that shoot you into the platform in the middle (see the image above to see what I mean by jet stream) - it's easier to do this with a captured squid. When you reach the circular platform, dive into the surrounding water and dive down to the painting at the bottom.

8. Luncheon Kingdom

Leads to Mushroom

Luncheon Kingdom painting

First warp to the flag called Path to the meat platteau. Grab a lava bubble and start swimming through the bright pink liquid and follow the path to the right. You're aiming for the far right hand corner of the Luncheon Kingdom map. There's an island here called "Remote Island in the Lava", jump onto the islands dry land and head to where the peppers are rolling down. The painting is on a wall, down behind the peppers spawn spot.

9. Bowsers Kingdom

Leads to Seaside

Bowsers Kingdom painting

Beat all the Broodals and walk back to the main courtyard entrance. Jump over the fence (shown in image above) and squeeze between the buildings. On the rear side of the building is the painting.

10. Mushroom Kingdom

Mushroom Kingdom painting

A very easy painting to find. After landing, face the Odyssey and turn 90 degrees to your left. Head towards the group of trees and the painting is lying on the floor.

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