Catwoman missing codes for Arkham City

Catwoman missing codes for Arkham City

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A lot of gamers were shocked when they opened their copy of Batman Arkham City and found that the unlock code for the Catwoman character was missing. The official Twitter feed for Arkham City has since responded by promising players that these codes will be made available.

Although Catwoman is an integral part of the Arkham City story, the creators decided to use pass codes to stop pirated copies of the game being distributed. Each copy of Arkham City comes boxed along with the online codes. Once the codes are used, you can't use it again. So those of you buying second hand copies of the game won't be able to unlock the Catwoman character. The Robin character also requires an unlock code. Once you enter the online code, the Catwoman DLC is downloaded to your computer.

You can technically complete all the trophy /achievements without the Catwoman but if you want to defeat the Riddler then you need to get every riddler trophy and clue in the game. Some of these trophies can only be gained by playing as the Catwoman.

If you want to find out the latest on the Catwoman missing codes visit the official Arkham City twitter page at:

Twitter - arkhamcitynews

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