H1Z1 Airdrop Scam - How to get a refund through Steam

H1Z1 Airdrop Scam - How to get a refund through Steam

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The guys over at SOE really make a mockery of Early Access with H1Z1. Not only was the game completely unplayable at launch but they backtracked on their promise to never include weapons in Airdrops. These P2W (pay to win) extras reward players with hard to find loot and weapons by using their credit card and zero effort.

This was confirmed by a Twitch Streamer on launch night who was able to call in one of his Airdrops (you get 3 airdrops with the Premium Edition) and he immediately got an AR-15, 90 rounds and military backpack - thus paying his way to win. Other players are stuck with finding this kind of loot which is nearly impossible to match from random drops.

If you're one of the players who feels disappointed and lied to by SOE then you're not alone. Just take a look at the reviews and recent comments on H1Z1's store page and you'll see a tonne of rage, and it's all justified.

To quote, Sony Online Entertainment spoke to PC Gamer and said:

"We will not be selling guns, ammo, food and water.. i.e. That's kind of the whole game and it would suck in our opinion if we did that"

Image proof:

H1Z1 airdrop quote

To make the lie worse they also ran a live Stream with popular YouTuber SpiderBite where they repeated the quote in person:


Here is an in-game screenshot showing the marketplace where players can purchase Airdrops:

H1Z1 Marketplace

So save yourself some time and get out of H1Z1 now and claim a refund through Steam. Despite what others have said, you can claim a refund when the cause is justified and in this case the game has "False Advertising" all over it.

How to get a refund for H1Z1

Here's a simple step by step for anyone else wanting to claim a refund.

1. Take a screenshot or save a copy of this image:


This was the original statement from Smedley during an interview with PC Gamer, which was published on their website. It clearly states that the game will not include a Pay to Win model.

2. Make a note of this video URL:

The H1Z1 developer states that Pay 2 Win will not feature in H1Z1:


3. Log a ticket with Steam Support


4. Include the following content in your Ticket but edit as required

Dear Steam Support,

Having been a loyal Steam customer for several years I'm pleased to say that I've always been satisfied with games purchased in the past.

Unfortunately I can't say the same for the Early Access game - H1Z1. The game has been a huge disappointed solely because the company behind the game issued a false premise leading up to its release.

During the games development and even quite recently, the developers stated that the game would not include any "Pay to Win" options, whereby players could buy their way to the best equipment and weapons.

Rather disappointingly, this statement turned out to be a lie and upon release I discovered that a payment option was included to allow players to purchase "Airdrops" that would reward players with weapons, ammunition and other rare items.

This gives other players an unfair advantage and I purposely bought this game with the prerequisite that pay to win was not an option, and players would earn their respective loot.

Therefore, I would kindly ask for a refund for this game which I purchase through my Steam account.

Note: For your records, I have included two citations whereby the company stated that Pay to Win was not included in H1Z1.


Yours Sincerely

[Your Name]

5. Wait for a reply from Steam

If the reply states that they cannot issue a refund because of their policy then you will need to quote the appropriate law in your country which will override any policies they have on their website.

For the UK this law can be as simple as:

Sale of Goods Act 1979 - which states that an item must match its description. You can claim that at the time of purchase the developer stated that Pay to Win was not included and this was changed on release day giving you no time to cancel your pre-order.

If you are not from the UK, I suggest you research the appropriate law in your country which is similar to the above. You must state that your counties law overrides that of Steam, at which point Steam have to issue a refund.

But please be polite no matter how angry you are at SOE...