Watch Dogs Easter Egg Locations & How to Find Them

Watch Dogs Easter Egg Locations & How to Find Them

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With so much open world space it was inevitable that Ubisoft would hide a few Easter Eggs for gamers to find in Watch Dogs. In this post I'm going to show you several of those Easter Eggs and exactly where to find them on the map.

There are various TV and film references including Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, a whole load of viral internet memes such as Slenderman, and several well placed Ubisoft memories to uncover from Assassins Creed and Raving Rabbids. All you need is the exact location and the hacking tool in some instances.

Ok, I'll update this post as I find new Easter Eggs..

Singing Trout Fish

Location: Parkour Square, clothes shop

The singing Trout is a wall mounted plaque that's located in the 'Texture Patch' clothes shop, in the Parker Square district. See the image below for the exact location of the clothes shop which is on the West side of the city:

Watch Dogs - Texture Patch shop location

Walk up to the counter, turn left and look up at the wall. The Singing Trout will be highlighted in your HUD signifying a Vulnerability Detected. Click the corresponding button and the Trout starts to sing a nice little rap song.

Watch Dogs - Singing Trout Easter Egg

Raving Rabbids

Location: Pawnee district, inside Jedediah's bar

Watch Dogs - Raving Rabbits Easter Egg

A reference to the party game released by Ubisoft in 2006. Raving Rabbits was a Rayman spinoff series where players would take control of adrenaline fuelled rabbit creatures. The Easter Egg is located in several places but the easiest to find is inside the bar of the Pawnee district. See image above, notice the proximity to the water:

Watch Dogs - Jedediah's Bar

Simply walk inside the bar (Jedediahs Bar) and behind the bar you will see the white Raving Rabbid. Press the action button and the little guy will sing some jubberish with a little tune to accompany him. Nice!

VMS Billboard Quotes - Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones

Location: VMS Billboard

Watch Dogs - Game of Thrones Easter Egg

Using your hack ability you can change the text on any of the virtual billboards in the game. Keep hacking to see the various quotes from TV series, movies and viral internet hits. These are some of the secret quotes you'll see:

  • "Speak three names" - Game of Thrones
  • "Aint nobody got time for dat" - the popular autotune YouTube song
  • "Badger Badger Badger Badger" - viral animation YouTube video
  • "It's a trap" - Star Wars meme
  • "I am the one who knocks" - Walter White from Breaking Bad

Scrap-metal Godzilla (Galloping Gerty)

Location: Pawnee, scrapyard

Godzilla is the giant monster originating from tokusatsu films in Japan, he’s one of the most recognizable symbols of Japanese popular culture. In Watch Dogs you can find Godzilla crafted out of scrap metal, hidden in a scrapyard of the Pawnee district. The scrapyard lies in the upper left corner of the world map.

Watch Dogs - Scrapyard location

Explore the scrapyard and you’ll find other scrap metal creatures but the best one lies in the middle of the yard. Use your hacking device to activate the Godzilla creature and he’ll breath fire, inflicting damage on nearby personas.

Watch Dogs - Godzilla

Zombies Mini-Game

Location: Anywhere via Smartphone

Watch Dogs - Zombies mini-game

The zombies mini-game is a fun detour from the original Watch Dogs action where you get the chance to drive over flaming zombies in an attempt to rack up the most kills possible. The sky turns an eerie red colour and it's a race against time to run over the undead and reach the end of the race.

To start the zombies mini-game just open up your mobile phone, scroll down to Digital Traps. Open the menu and select Madness.

Watch Dogs - Smartphone menu