COD WW2 "The Darkest Shore" Zombies Map Confirmed for DLC 1

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The first DLC zombies map for COD WW2 has been confirmed as "The Darkest Shore", first shown in a promotional trailer from Sledgehammer before Christmas. The new zombies map will be available as part of the first DLC pack called "The Resistance".

As the PC leaks earlier in the year suggested, "The Darkest Shore" is the island map that we all anticipated. Sledgehammer describe the map as "the most terrifying chapter that we've brought to date" - but don't they always say that!?

For this next chapter, the characters have received intel about the movement of Dr Straub. The Dr has fled to a foggy island, surrounded by Nazi Air and Sea Power, that lies just north of Germany. Sledgehammer really wanted to play with something new in this zombies map, they wanted to play with the idea of what happens when "fog rolls in". Yep, it's got Tranzit written all over it!!

The Darkest Shore - island panoramic

A blanketing fog or mist will constantly restrict the players vision above ground, making the map even scarier and presumably harder too. Players won't see zombies until they're about five feet away! Sledgehammer have also let slip one of the new Wonder Weapons in The Darkest Shore. Known as the "Rip Saw" - this secret weapon is a combination of a buzzsaw and a gun, which the creators describe as both a close up and ranged weapon.

In addition to the maps name, location and some details around new weapons, the developers also described a brand new zombie, who is unique to the map. This smart zombie is strategic and one of the cleverest creations to date. From the trailer, it appears that this zombie may climb walls and certainly remains stealthy.

The Darkest Shore - gameplay on the island

Take a glimpse at the trailer below and see some of the details for The Darkest Shore, the first DLC zombies map for COD WW2:

The Resistance map pack will be available on 30th January.