Groesten Haus Confirmed as 2nd WW2 Zombies Map

Groesten Haus Confirmed as 2nd WW2 Zombies Map

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An early copy of COD WW2 has confirmed that the second zombies map included is called "Groesten Haus". This is a bonus map with a slightly smaller area than the Final Reich. It's name means "largest house" in German and we can assume that the map appeals more to a defend the area or horde style of play, similar to Nacht der Untoten.

It has taken some time for these leaks to surface, not surprisingly since Sledgehammer restricted offline access behind a game update. It wasn't until 5 days before launch before we actually got to see the games HUD and the official name of the two zombies maps: The Final Reich and Groesten Haus.

Much to the relief of those players who splashed out hundreds of dollars to get the game early, we can now enjoy more details about the new zombies mode which Sledgehammer have been so inclined to reveal.

Groesten Haus

Let's kick off with the leaked image shown above, which shows the Groesten Haus bonus map appearing alongside The Final Reich map in the zombies menu. The maps description reads:

Sometimes the best plan is to lock the doors and wait until morning.

The map image shows an old house, with a fireplace and a raging fire burning away. It's a typically dark image that reveals an old, wooden style house that has presumably been boarded up to prevent the zombies breaking through.

If you've got a great eye for detail, and in particular being able to spot barely illegible text, then you might be able to see the red German writing that translates to "Survival Map Unlocked". This is a big hint to the maps purpose - a survival map rather than exploration or EE hunting. Surely it's bound to play more like Nacht!

When all's said and done, it's no real surprise that Sledgehammer have included a bonus map in COD WW2. Black Ops 4 had the pre-order bonus map "The Giant" whilst the original Treyarch Black Ops game also had a hidden bonus map called "Five". This was again a slightly smaller and considerably harder map but well worth the time unlocking it.

How to unlock Groesten Haus map

The game is official out now and I can confirm the steps required to unlock the second map for online play. Although automatically unlocked for local (offline) play Groesten Haus must be unlocked by completing the casual Easter Egg. This essentially means completing all of the guided quests in The Final Reich.

For a complete walkthrough, see the Final Reich quest guide.

More leaked images

Gameplay and HUD

WW2 zombies gameplay screenshot
Gameplay image showing HUD

Along with the reveal for the second zombies map we also got our first glimpse of the actual game HUD which I have included above. The texture detail is fairly weak in the image and it's unclear whether the player has tweaked the settings or if this is in fact the final texture detail. This image was taken from The Final Reich map.

Gameplay of Groesten Haus

Groesten Haus gameplay screenshot
Groesten Haus gameplay screenshot

Our first look at the Groesten Haus bonus map and as expected the map is set entirely inside a house. So far there appears to be two floors, a circular and symetric route, narrow corridors and a Random Blitz machine that provides random perks in exchange for 2000 Jolts.

Zombies Menu

WW2 zombies main menu (in German)
Zombies main menu

The image directly above shows the leaked zombies main menu, albeit in German. The translated menu options in English read: Play Online, Play Local, More Players (Presumably Invite Players is a better translation) and Campaign.

Class loadout / Weapon Customization

Weapon customization screen (in German)
Weapon customization screen (in German)

A German version of the class loadout screen, in particular showing the weapon customization section. Each unlocked weapon has mod slots which can be adjusted to suit your play style.