How to Tame Pets and Favourite Food List - Cube World

How to Tame Pets and Favourite Food List - Cube World

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Taming pets in Cube World is actually really simple if you know what foods to buy and where to buy them. In this tutorial we'll show you how to buy food (including a list of which food to buy for each pet) and how to tame your new creature.

It's not always obvious which food a pet likes. For example, a collie likes bubble gum which doesn't make any sense at all. Some do make sense though, in the case of the monkey you need to feed them banana split which although is a desert it's still banana related.

In Cube World there is one food item for each pet. Therefore, you must have that foot item in your inventory if you want to tame that particular animal.

How to tame a pet

1. Buy the food

First you need to buy food which is sold in the item store (in the town). This will cost a certain number of coins.

Cube World - Pet Food

2. Find the animal

Cube World - Pets

3. Select the food item

Open your inventory and select the food item

Cube World - Pet Food

4. Feed the animal

Now just stand near the animal to tame it. It'll take a few seconds but you should see red hearts if done successfully.

Cube World - Tame Pet

Why tame a pet

Pets are great companions in Cube World. They will attack enemies and if you have the required skill path, you can even ride some pets around the map.

There's no limit to how many pets you can have but only one pet can be active at a time - the others are stored in your inventory. That said, since pets only need certain food items to become your companion, it's a good way to build up a versatile army for when the time comes.

Pets come in 5 varieties which include melee pets, healing pets, ranged attack pets, tank pets and ridable pets.

List of pets and food needed to tame them

  • Monkey - Banana Split
  • Terrier - Waffles
  • Pig - Pumpkin Mash
  • Plain Runner - Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Jungle Runner - Mint Chocolate Bar
  • Desert Runner - Caramel Chocolate Bar
  • Snow Runner - White Chocolate Bar
  • Collie - Bubble-gum
  • Sheep - Cotton Candy
  • Slime - Purple/Yellow/Blue/Green Jelly
  • Hornet - Popcorn
  • Mole - Chocolate Donut
  • Chicken - Cereal Bar
  • Bunny - Carrot
  • Horse - Candied Apple
  • Lemon Beetle - Lemon Tart
  • Turtle - Cinnamon Roll
  • Crab - Strawberry Cocktail
  • Duckbill - Sugar Candy
  • Crocodile - Apple Rings
  • Raccoons - Chocolate Cake
  • Squirrel - Strawberry Cake
  • Crow -Liquorice Candy
  • Alpaca -Vanilla Cupcake
  • Brown Alpaca - Chocolate Cupcake
  • Porcupine -Blackberry Marmalade
  • Camel -Date Cookie
  • Penguin - Softice
  • Black Cat - Candy
  • Bat - Mango Juice
  • Fly - Fruit Basket
  • Bark Beetle - Bread
  • Seagull - Salted Caramel
  • Spitter - Water Ice
  • Owl - Lollipop
  • Parrot - Ginger Tartlets
  • Midge - Melon Ice Cream
  • Peacocks - Chocolate Cookie
  • Biters - Pancakes
  • Snout Beetle - Lolly
  • Scottish terrier - Croissant
  • Mosquito - Bloodorange Juice