The Final Reich Zombies - All Inventory Items and Quests

The Final Reich Zombies - All Inventory Items and Quests

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The Final Reich map in COD WW2 zombies contains an extensive inventory screen with 25 items to collect or tasks to complete. Players can view and keep track of inventory items that are both quest related objectives and also hidden items for the larger Easter Egg achievement.

In this guide I'll list and explain all of the inventory items and link off to full guides for obtaining some of the larger objectives. First, let's start with a recap of the layout...

Inventory Screen

Inventory screen sections

Upon opening the inventory screen players see three distinct sections. The above area is reserved for the current active quest(s) and their objectives. Crossed out objectives have been completed whilst white objectives are active.

Towards the bottom of the inventory screen things get more interesting. This area is split into two sections: a left hand side with item slots and names, and a mysterious right hand side which only shows inventory slots.

The reason behind the bland looking right hand side is simply because items on that side relate directly to Easter Egg steps and presumably Sledgehammer wanted to keep those secret until later in the game. Unlike Quests, the Easter Egg steps do not have blatant clues through quest objectives.

The left hand side has clear labels for each of the slots and all of these items relate to quest objectives. Quests are things such as unlocking the bunker, building the Tesla Wonder Weapon etc. Completing the entire left hand side rewards you with the Fireworks achievement/trophy.

Let's look at each of these in detail...

Quest Items

All quest items shown in inventory

  • The Bunker (3 parts) - Gas Units, Ignite the Fuse, Open the Door
  • Altars (3 parts) - Right Hand of God, Left Hand of God, Voice of God
  • Gear Up (2 parts) - Armour
  • Weapons Assembly (3 parts) - 3 parts for the Tesla Wonder Weapon
  • Mind Power (3 parts) - escorting the on-rails device 3 times
  • Hilt (1 part) - Barbarossa's sword handle

Easter Egg Items

Easter Egg items in inventory

There are 10 Easter Egg related items or parts. The top row is grouped into 3 and then 4, whilst the bottom row has three singular slots.

  • Coloured Tops (3) - three coloured tops from the toy shop (yellow, red, green).
  • Symbols (4) - four upgraded Tesla weapons
  • Gramophone Disc (1)

For a complete step by step guide to the main Easter Egg, see the guide.

Other EE items are currently unknown but more information will appear here soon.


The Final Reich map has a number of quests, each with a certain number of objectives. These are not like challenges and not large enough to be Easter Eggs but they do unlock new areas or secrets. A good example is the quest that helps players unlock the sewer area where the Pack-a-Punch machine is hidden inside the cage. Another example is the weaponsmith quest that eventually rewards the Tesla cannon Wonder Weapon.

The final conclusion to all of the quests is a BOSS fight with a truly horrible looking beast. By this stage the entire left hand side of the inventory screen is filled with items and only the right hand has empty slots.

Below is a high level list of all quests. See the complete quest guide for individual steps and a walkthrough.

  • The Sewer - unlocking the underground tunnels and PaP area
  • The Bunker - unlocking access to the control room, mortuary and laboratory
  • Imperial Chamber - unlocking the mysterious salt mines chamber
  • The Weaponsmith - crafting the Tesla weaponry
  • The Right Hand of God - activating the Right Hand statue in the chamber
  • The Left Hand of God - activating the Left Hand statue in the chamber
  • The Voice of God - activating the central pillar in the chamber
  • The Zeppelin - shooting down buckles from the airship
  • The Panzermorder - defeating the final BOSS zombie

This guide will be continually updated with new inventory parts as and when they are discovered.