What Time is the XBox Reveal 21st May - EST, CST, PST, CET, GMT

What Time is the XBox Reveal 21st May - EST, CST, PST, CET, GMT

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The long awaited next-generation Xbox reveal takes place on the 21st May 2013. You can watch the Live video on a variety of platforms which we've included links to below. The time of the reveal is well placed to suit many different countries from the United States, Europe, Latin America and most of Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, you can't please everyone so the event time for Australia is going to be early morning.

How long is the event?

These reveals typically last a couple of hours and contain a combination of key speakers and a lot of promotion material (videos). You can expect to see some of the next generation games including Call of Duty Ghosts, Destiny and Battlefield 4.

Xbox reveal start time for different countries

  • Australia - 3am
  • Brazil - 2pm
  • Canada - 1pm
  • France - 7pm
  • Germany - 7pm
  • Israel - 8pm
  • Portugal - 6pm
  • Spain - 7pm
  • United Kingdom - 6pm
  • United States - Between 10am and 1pm (check timezone below)

Xbox reveal start time in different time zones

  • EST - 1pm (Easter Time - United States)
  • CST - 12am (Central Time - United States)
  • PST - 10am (Pacific Time - United States)
  • CET - 7pm (Central European Time - Europe)
  • GMT - 5pm (Greewich Mean Time - Europe)
  • BST - 6pm (British Summer Time - UK)
  • BRT - 2pm (Brasilia Time - Brazil)

Where can you watch the Xbox 21st May event?

If you've got an Xbox then you can jump straight into the live stream from the console homepage. Alternatively, the whole event will be shown on the official Xbox website: