Witcher 3 Blood & Wine: Grandmaster Armour and Weapons

Witcher 3 Blood & Wine: Grandmaster Armour and Weapons

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The Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3 includes a brand new tier of armour and weapons known as Grandmaster. These top tier items grant players unique bonuses not just from individual pieces but collectively when equipping several together. In this guide you will find details explaining exactly where to find each of the new Grandmaster items.

You may remember from the early days of the Witcher 3 that the Mastercrafted weapons and armour were hidden behind two particular NPC's. Mastercrafted gear could only be crafted and not found, you also had to unlock the ability to craft at that level. This was accomplished by completing particular side quests to help certain traders and forgers. The intense fight against the arch griffin, just north of Crows Perch, was a particular high point in the game for me.

Grandmaster armour

So how does this compare to Blood and Wine? Well, a similar process exists for this new Grandmaster tiered gear. You will encounter new NPC's in Touissant that you must befriend and help in order to unlock their unique skills to craft Grandmaster gear. These NPC's will not be waving a little flag to highlight their true potential, instead you will only discover their unique skills after progressing their quest line.

Witcher 3 Blood and Wine - Screenshot from bridge overlooking river

In addition to unlocking the ability to craft Grandmaster gear you must also find and collect new diagrams for the Witcher school sets. Details on their exact locations are further down the page.

Players must be level 40 to equip the Grandmaster end-game gear.

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Grandmaster Bonuses

Witcher 3 Blood and Wine - Grandmaster bonuses

Except for Viper, which was introduced in Hearts of Stone, all of the Witcher schools now have the new Grandmaster tier which sits above the existing Master tier. There's a set bonus for equipping at least 3 items from the same set and another bonus for equipping all 6. These bonuses are shown below.

You should remember that each of the Witcher school sets are split into four pieces of armour: Chest armour, Gloves, Trousers and Boots, whilst the weapons are the Steel and Silver sword. Adding these all together we make up the number 6.


  • Three items: Bombs profit from critical chance and damage bonuses
  • Six Items: Alchemy items get an additional charge


  • Three items: You can use up too 3 oils on one sword
  • Six Items: Bombs can be thrown immediately


  • Three items: If a Quen sign bursts, there is a 5% chance for each bear school item to cast a new one for free
  • Six Items: The damage of Quen abilities will be tripled


  • Three items: After casting a sign for stamina, a second sign can be cast during the next three seconds for free
  • Six Items: Yrden traps are 40% bigger. Within a Yrden trap, Geralt gets a massive stamina regeneration, sign intensity and damage reduction boost


  • Three items: Heavy attacks increase the damage of light attacks (5% for each cat school item) for 5 seconds
  • Six Items: Hits in the back do 25% more damage and stun the enemy.

Grandmaster Armorer Location

Grandmaster Armorer Location

The Grandmaster Armorer is called Lafargue and he’s located in The Gran place. The precise location is exactly in-between The Gran place and the Metinna Gate fast travel markers.

Enter the building with the wooden door and speak to the man behind the counter. If you have the diagrams, and the necessary materials and funds, then he will craft all of the Grandmaster armour and weapons for you.

Grandmaster Diagram Locations

Witcher 3 Blood and Wine - vampire monster

CD Projekt Red have hinted that in order to upgrade your existing gear to the Grandmaster level you must find new "upgrade diagrams" which are scattered throughout the new regions of Blood and Wine. You may remember from the base game that the diagrams for the Enhanced, Superior and Master upgrades were fairly hard to acquire - good examples being the diagram that was tucked away in the werewolf's lair and the one that was slap bang in the middle of a bunch of gargoyles!

With Blood and Wine we have a collection of new enemies including the Banshee, Fleder, Protofleder and Garkain to name just a few. Expect to battle it out against these foes to claim the Grandmaster upgrades for your safe keeping!

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