Witcher 3 Blood & Wine: Manticore Armour and Weapon Locations

Witcher 3 Blood & Wine: Manticore Armour and Weapon Locations

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Manticore is a new armour type that's included in the Blood and Wine expansion for the Witcher 3. In this guide I'll show you where to find all of the diagrams for the new Manticore set including map locations and in-game screenshots to help pinpoint exactly where each of the diagrams is.

Every Witcher fan will know that a Manticore is a giant beast with the body of a lion, bat wings, and a scorpion's tail. They have a rich history in the Witcher lore and it is said that as a young witcher, Geralt fought a manticore and killed one in the Nilfgaard War near the town of Dorian.

Since the expansions announcement CD Projekt Red have confirmed that the Manticore beast will not appear in the game and there will be no "contracts" for Geralt to hunt them down. That's a shame but we can still profit from the awesome armour set for the Manticore school.

About the Manticore School

Manticore Armour Screenshot

As mentioned in the Grandmaster locations guide, Manticore is one of the new Witcher schools in the game. Unlike the other schools it only has a Grandmaster tier, I guess that's simply because the developers didn't want us to run around collecting lower tiers that we'd never end up using. You will therefore not find any Superior, Enhanced or Master versions for Manticore.

The armour itself looks very reminiscent of the original Witcher game and is tailored to an Alchemy character build. The gear set bonuses listed below show the advantages gained for wearing at least 3 items from the Manticore collection and a further bonus for equipping 6 pieces:

School Bonuses

  • Three items: Bombs profit from critical chance and damage bonuses.
  • Six items: Alchemy items get an additional charge.

Manticore Diagram Locations

Screenshot by river with bridge in background

Like other Witcher sets the Manticore school is split into Chest armour, Gauntlets, Trousers, Boots, Steel and Silver sword. Each of these has it's own diagram that can be collected by scavenger the correct area of the map.

Given the expansions context and its relation to the Witcher series, the diagrams will most likely follow the path of prophet Lebioda whose visions and parables are contained in the Good Book of Prophet Lebioda's Wisdom. We know that the expansion's size is relative to that of Novigrad but also comparable to roughly half of Velen. With 30 hours of new content to explore, finding these diagrams without help isn't going to be easy!

The guide is ready...follow the Toussaint map locations below to find each of the diagrams:

Steel Sword

Steel Sword location

Locate the ruin area shown by the green marker on the image above. It lies to the West of Corvo Bianco Vineyard, West of the lake. The diagram is in the North East corner of the ruins. Climb onto the broken wall and walk up to reach the small room on the upper level, the diagram is lodged in the wall.


Armour location

Far East of The Gran Place lies the Manticore Armour diagram. Head South East of Gelenser Farm as shown on the map above until you reach the cave. Venture inside, deep underground and head straight. Inspect the wall with notes hanging on it. The diagram is here.

Trousers and Boots

Trousers and Boots locations

Far North West of Dulcinea Windmill and North West of Plegmunds Bridge across the water lies Prophet Lebioda Statue. There is a dock location and fast travel point here. Venture to the North of the area, shown on the image below:

North area

Go inside the abandoned temple to the end of the room and the fireplace. Use the Aard sign to smash through the wall to a secret room behind. Head to the end and inspect the wall on the left for the diagrams.

Silver Sword

Silver Sword location

West of Metinna Gate, across the water and South of Palace Gardens lies a cave. Enter the cave through the small entrance by the waters edge and swim inside. Follow the route through and veer left into the larger chamber. Climb up the step and keep following the route. Cimb up two more steps and use Aard to break the dead end wall. Keep following the tunnel until you reach the old man and the diagram.


Gauntlets location

North East of the Dun Tynne Castle lies the Lake of Cleansing. Start from the South West corner of the lake, walk onto the wooden platform and dive into the water below. Dive down to the very bottom and the telltale red clues are there.

Grandmaster Armorer Location

Grandmaster Armorer Location

The Grandmaster Armorer is called Lafargue and he’s located in The Gran place. The exact location is exactly in the middle of The Gran place and the Metinna Gate fast travel markers. Enter the building with the wooden door and speak to the man behind the counter.

Once equipped the armour appears as shown in the image below:

Wearing the Manticore armour set