Witcher 3 Blood & Wine: Grandmaster Feline Diagram Locations

Witcher 3 Blood & Wine: Grandmaster Feline Diagram Locations

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Easily find all of the Grandmaster Feline diagrams using this simple guide which includes detailed directions and map locations. The Grandmaster set is new to the Blood and Wine expansion in the Witcher 3, offering players a new top tier level that surpases Mastercrafted.

The Feline set is one of the most popular schools in the Witcher 3 offering players a light armour set with great speed and agility. The Grandmaster tier pushes the gear in the same direction, offering the player increased damage and resistance so long as they meet the level 40 requirement to equip it.

Like the other Grandmaster gear (Ursine, Griffin, Manticore..) the Feline set offers set bonuses for equipping more of the same school. Equipping three items grants a unique gear set bonus with another bonus reserved for wearing all six pieces from the Grandmaster gear collection.

Set Bonuses

Grandmaster Feline example stats screenshot

3 pieces: Strong attacks increase Fast Attack damage for 5 seconds by 10% for each piece of the set.

6 pieces: Rear attacks deal 50% more damage, and also stun opponents at the cost of 11 Adrenaline points.

Diagram Locations


Grandmaster Feline diagram locations 1

Travel to Bartolome's de Launay's house, shown on the map above. The estate is located North East of Prophet Lebioda Statue, across the river. Ride up to estate and go round the right hand side towards the rear of the grounds. Take note of the broken wooden boards on your left which are near the corner of the estate. Use these to climb up and over the wall, drop down into the grounds and fight the bandit.

Pick up the key from the glowing red bag in the middle of the estate (it's lying with all the other small bags). Now head towards the white door and inside. Explore on your left for a painting and the Feline Armour diagram.

Trousers and Boots

Grandmaster Feline diagram locations 2

In a similar region of the map, head away from the house and explore the boggy area shown on the map above. Hanse Base contains the next two diagrams that we're after.

Upon reaching the base, head through the archway entrances that are covered in tree branches and up the stairs. When inside the building, turn right towards the burning fire, go across the half broken wooden bridge and take note of the treasure box on the floor - the diagrams are inside.

Steel Sword, Silver Sword and Gauntlets

Grandmaster Feline diagram locations 3

In a similar area of the world map, locate the cave which lies South of Hanse Base bog - shown on the image above. Pass through the narrow cave entrance and underground. Follow the route down and round to the large open area, turn left and search the far corner to find the diagrams near the red mushrooms on the floor.

Grandmaster Armorer

Once you have all the diagrams, head over to the armorer to craft your new gear. Details for his location can be found here: Armorer location


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