Wolfenstein New Order Easter Eggs

Wolfenstein New Order Easter Eggs

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Who doesn't love finding Easter Eggs? You'll be pleased to know that Wolfenstein The New Order has a handful hidden in the game and I'm going to show you how to find them. So check out the list below together with step by step instructions on how to find them.

Retro Wolfenstein 3D Mini-Game

Wolfenstein - Easter Egg 1

One of the best Easter Egg's you'll come across is the retro mini-game paying tribute to the original Wolfenstein 3D game from the 90's. This Easter Egg can be found a couple of hours into the game when you arrive at the headquarters of the resistance movement. Inside the facility there are many fine details to explore but this Easter Egg is located up stairs just beyond the Tools room:

use the matress to start the mini-game
Wolfenstein - Easter Egg - 3D Mini-Game

How to find

1. Go upstairs to the top level
2. Enter the Tools room
3. Turn left
4. Walk to the end of the corridor, you'll see a target in front of you
5. Turn left at the target
6. You'll see a mattress on the floor
7. Walk up to it, use the action button and enter the nightmare..

Don't worry this isn't a bad nightmare, quite the opposite in fact. This nightmare takes you back to the original Wolfenstien 3D game but better still you've got your New Order weaponry instead.

Game Ending - SPOILER ALERT!!

Wolfenstein - Game Ending

Not so much an Easter Egg but certainly an ending which revealed a few secrets. Hopefully because you’re looking for Easter Egg’s you’re not too worried about the ending, but if you don’t want to spoil the game stop reading now..

At the end of the game, you get the chance to kill the German boss but there’s one last trick up his sleeve...a grenade. The detonation all but kills off the beloved character Blazkowicz who later gives the all clear to nuke the area killing himself as well.

Blazkowicz has been the main protagonist since the beginnings of the Wolfenstein series. Fans reactions are going to be telling but what a way to end the series, which could possibly be the last Wolfenstein game we’ll see.