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Explosives+ Mod for Minecraft

Explosives+ Mod for Minecraft
The Explosives+ mod contains the largest selection of bombs and destructive weapons ever seen in a Minecraft mod.

Large screenshot for Explosives+ Mod for Minecraft

Developed since November 2011, the Explosives+ mod is the number one choice if you're looking for new ways to destroy your Minecraft environment or try out new destructive powers unseen in any mods so far.

Although consisting mostly of bombs the mod does also includes some great guns, plasma rays, missiles and airstrikes. A lot of these weapons require some serious memory power so we recommend dumbing down the graphics settings before you set off that biome nuke!

The mod comes packed with over 18 new weapons including:

  • Volcano - create an actual volcano that erupts with lava. It destroys anything caught in its path so watch out!
  • Predator Missile - just like Modern Warfare 2 or 3, the Predator Missile is a guided missile that falls from above. Guide this missile down using the mouse and right click for a boost.
  • Elephant gun - a super powerful gun that only affects terrain. Still makes a huge hole though!
  • Wrench - the wrench lets you customize the settings for your bombs. Choose fuse length, explosion radius etc..
  • Boom Stick and Hell Stick - just like the elephant gun, this one is a fully automatic weapon that can completely destroy things beyond recognition.
  • Nova Bomb - kind of like a black hole bomb that sucks in blocks and then explodes them out again. Non destructive but excellent fun.
  • Biome Buster - use this one with caution because it can completely wipe out your world! You should set the graphics settings down to the minimum or you might crash the game!
  • Hydrogen Bomb - similar to other nukes but about twice as powerful.
  • Lase Guided Airstrike - select your target and let the planes drop 9 nukes onto the target area.
  • Glassing Rays - bit like the Halo Plasma Lances this weapon will melt through any in its way.
  • C4 - a plastic explosive that sticks to its target. You can place up to 6 on a single block. It's twice as strong as regular TNT.
  • Nuclear Airstrike - just like the regular airstrike but 9 hydrogen bombs come down from above.
  • Nuke - 5 times more powerful that TNT
  • Napalm - a fire bomb that spreads fire upon impact.
  • MegaNuke - a powerful nuke that wipes out just about everything. Make sure you're at a safe distance before detonating one of these.
  • Nuclear Creepers - imagine a normal creeper but made out of nuclear material! Very rare but extremely dangerous.

How to install

This mod is very tricky to install. We recommend that you read the official Minecraftforum post. Click the View Author details like above or copy the link below into your browser:



Price: $0
Size: 1MB
Released: 02/2012
Type: freewareCategory: Games

OS Support: Any version of Minecraft
Keywords: minecraft, minecraft mod


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