Batman Arkham City Torrent for Xbox Leaked

Batman Arkham City Torrent for Xbox Leaked

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Those of you desperate to get your hands on a copy of Batman Arkham City have probably seen the leaked torrent for the xbox 360 game. It came online today and we've already seen countless videos of real gameplay footage posted online.

Spoiler alert!!! Stop reading if you do not want to know the beginning of the game

The first 15 mins..

The game starts with Mr Wayne waking up and saying "you won't get away with this" and a dark voice responds saying that "I already have"..

The scene cuts to a news reporter talking and other reporters taking photos of Wayne..

The game flashes back to old events and the dark voice says that "no one is untouchable"..

Wayne pleads to the dark voice to shut Arkham Prison down..but he declines

And so it starts and Wayne is trapped in the prison. His hands are cuffed and he must escape. You control Wayne through the prison rooms, fighting other prisoners along the way. After taking several blows from a metal pipe, Wayne blacks out. He's woken by the Penguin and is outside the prison.

You take control of Wayne again, fighting off the mobs. You need to climb to higher ground to contact Alfred (this is your primary objective). After contacting Alfred you climb to the top of the RCE Chemicals building to collect your equipment. The equipment conveniently arrives via a rocket pod. Just open the pod to collect the Batsuit.

After receiving intel (surveillance), you'll need to rescue Cat-women from Dent (Two-Face) who is holding her hostage in the Courthouse. Use your Batsuit to fly down from the building and across the city..

Watch the video to explore the game further..

Leaked Gameplay Video (15 mins) - YouTube

We've included a 55 min video of Batman Arkham City gameplay (if the YouTube video goes down, try the alternate link from

Leaked Gameplay Video (55 mins) -

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