Best Players and Teams in FIFA 13

Best Players and Teams in FIFA 13

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FIFA 13 contains hundreds of new players from 32 leagues around the world. There are so many great players to choose from including Xavi, Iniesta, Rooney, Ronaldo and of course Messi but who are the best players and teams in FIFA 13? We pick out the best players and teams from FIFA 13.

Best Players

Creative and attacking playersFIFA 13 best players

Iniesta - Barcelona / Spain
Another excellent midfielder with superb passing and dribbling skills.

Xavi - Barcelona / Spain
One of the best midfielders with excellent ball control and passing.

David Silva - Man City / Spain
Creative player with excellent passing and ball control.

Wayne Rooney - Manchester United / England
One of the best strikers in the world. A strong player with great stamina and accuracy.

Arguero - Man City / Argentina
A great attacker who is fast and skilful.

Neymar - Santos / Brazil
Amazing ball control, agility and speed.

Mario Balotelli - Man City / Italy
Unpredictable temperament in real life but very skilled and strong attacker in FIFA 13.

Mario Gomez - Bayern Munich / Germany
A good reliable goal scorer.

Thomas Muller - Bayern Munch / Germany
Good all round player with accurate passing.

Marek Hamsik - Napoli / Slovakia
A good all round midfielder.

Di Maria - Real Madrid / Argentina
Great speed and ball control.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Real Madrid / Portugal
One of the best players. Very fast, great ball control and can score goals with ease.

Lionel Messi - Barcelona / Argentina
No one would argue that Messi is the greatest player alive. Great speed and ball control combined with unbelievable goal scoring ability. He's your number one player in FIFA 13.

Robin van Persie - Arsenal / Netherlands
Great ball control and accuracy.

Benzema - Real Madrid / France
Technically good, strong and powerful

Mesut Ozil - Real Madrid / Germany
Great at passing and setting up goals.

Defence and Goalkeepers

  • Sergio Ramos - Real Madrid / Spain - great defender
  • Gerard Pique - Barcelona / Spain - reliable defender
  • Nemanja Vidic - Manchester United / Serbia - strong and great tackler
  • Dani Alves - Barcelona / Brazil - fast and reliable
  • Thiago Silva - Paris St Germain / Brazil - fast and capable defender
  • Maicon - Man City / Brazil - excellent defender
  • Ashley Cole - slightly old but arguably the best defender in the world
  • Iker Casillas - Real Madrid / Spain - the best goalkeeper around
  • Buffon - Juventos / Italy - the best goalkeeper of the last decade
  • Petr Cech - Chelsea / Czech Republic - a great goalkeeper and shot stopper

Best Teams


  • Spain - great passes and attacking team
  • Germany - solid players throughout the team
  • Portugal - a few exceptional players make Portugal a good team
  • Uruguay - South American speed and attacking pace
  • Argentina - Messi's home team also includes Di Maria
  • Italy - a strong team that's improve over last few years
  • Netherlands - good all round team that never really achieves what it should
  • Brazil - masters of samba football, maybe not as good as they once were
  • Russia - surprise outsiders, the Russians have good attackers
  • England - unreliable but England have a great selection of players

Club TeamsFIFA 13 best teams

  • Barcelona - the masters of passing, ball control and fast attacks. Includes Messi, Xavi and Iniesta
  • Bayern Munich - solid all round team with good defence
  • Manchester United - strong in most areas of the pitch. Team includes Rooney and Nani
  • Real Madrid - superstars galore including Ronaldo and Benzema
  • Chelsea - a great selection of superstars

Other great teams

  • Inter Milan
  • Atletico
  • Valencia
  • Porto
  • Lyon
  • Manchester City

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