Bungie's New Destiny Game - Not Being Released on PC

Bungie's New Destiny Game - Not Being Released on PC

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Bungie's new ambitious game is called 'Destiny' and last night we received a large chunk of information and concept art for the new game. Surprisingly the game will NOT be coming to PC and it'll be exclusively for PS3 and Xbox.

After saying good bye to Halo and Microsoft, Bungie have teamed up with Activision to bring us their next big game. Although careful not to describe it as an MMO, Destiny is a shared world shooter with FPS elements. It'll play like Halo but it's got MMO type features.

The concept art looks amazing and is typical of Bungie. We get to see the new world, enemy factions and elements behind the story.

There'll be no subscription features but like other MMO's you'll encounter shared worlds where you can join up with other online players. There's trading, multiplayer factions and also a class system. It's a persistent world where players can join at any time.

One of the biggest surprises for a game of this magnitude is that it won't be coming to PC. So far, we're told that the art visuals have come from current gen consoles (not PS4 or Xbox 720).

New Concept Art and Gameplay

Bungie - Destiny 1

Bungie - Destiny 2

Bungie - Destiny 3

Bungie - Destiny 4

Bungie - Destiny 5

Bungie - Destiny 6

Bungie - Destiny 7

Bungie - Destiny 8

Bungie - Destiny 9

Bungie - Destiny 10


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