Crafting Recipe for the Armour Stand in Minecraft 14w32a

Crafting Recipe for the Armour Stand in Minecraft 14w32a

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Rather than my usual weekly snapshot post I wanted to give you a quick tutorial for creating the new Armour Stand in 14w32a. The stand requires only two resources which need to be placed in your crafting grid

Once built, players can hang their armour on the stand and reclaim it again by right clicking with an empty hand. Multiple stands can be built to hold different Armour sets; one for diamond, leather etc. Then simply take the one that suits the occasion e.g. out for a stroll or going fighting.

Crafting Recipe

To create the Armour Stand you'll need:

  • 6 sticks
  • 1 slab (any material except wood)

Then place the items in the crafting grid in the sequence shown in the image below. The slab goes at the bottom with the sticks making a scarecrow shape.

Minecraft 14w32a - Armour Stand


> The Armour Stand can actually ride in a Minecart. See main image above.

> Standstone, nether brick and quartz slabs can be used for the base.

> A wooden slab doesn't work in the recipe, maybe a bug.

> You can place a pumpkin head on the stand to make a Scarecrow:


Other features in 14w32a

  • Beacon light changes as it goes through glass.
  • Red sandstone.

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