Next-Gen Minecraft Arrives on PS4

Next-Gen Minecraft Arrives on PS4

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After months of waiting, the famous 3D sandbox game is finally available to download for Sony's PS4. Featuring worlds 36 times bigger than the PS3, the next-gen version has a simple and cheap upgrade path for those who bought the PS3 version.

Costing a straight €18.99 from the PS Store, players can also take advantage of an upgrade offer for €3.99 if they previously bought the PS3 version. But be careful, although a cheap upgrade exists from PS3 to PS4 there's no option to buy a cheaper PS3 version if you buy the PS4 version first. Therefore, if you haven't bought Minecraft for the Playstation yet then I recommend buying the PS3 version (which comes with Vita) and then upgrading for cheap to the PS4 (assuming you have both consoles of course).

Importing worlds?

Players who previously created worlds in the PS3 version will be pleased to know that you can import those worlds to the PS4 Edition (this doesn't work in reverse from PS4 to PS3 though). Simply upload your PS3 world to the Cloud and then redownload it onto your PS4 console.

Cross-platform play?

Since the worlds are much larger on the PS4, you can't play cross-platform between the PS3 and PS4. You'll need to wait for you mates to catch up and buy a PS4 before exploring the larger worlds together.

Got the disc version for PS3 - can you upgrade?

Yes, as long as you've played the game online you'll be able to take advantage of the upgrade option from the PS Store.

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