Download Cube World Beta - Be Careful of Fake Promises

Download Cube World Beta - Be Careful of Fake Promises

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There's a huge amount of anticipation for the beta version (and demo) version of Cube World at the moment. We too, are very excited by the prospect of something new to rival Minecraft. However, please be very careful of fake downloads for Cube World. We'll explain why below and give details of sites to avoid.

Closed Beta

You may not be aware, but Cube World is currently running in a closed Beta phase. This means that a select number of people are able to play the game and provide feedback to Wollay (the creator of Cubeworld). This is a common process that most game developers use these days to make sure everything's ready for public viewing. Indeed, DayZ, the long awaited zombie survival game is also in closed Beta at the moment.

It's also a great time to watch youtube videos from some of these Beta testers and see more of the game in action. Some of the best Cube World channels include:

Cube World - Beta Gameplay by Yogscast

After closed Beta, comes the public Beta. Until this stage, unless invited, you will not be able to play Cube World. That is of course unless you find an illegal version of the game somewhere. Now, time to be careful. Illegal games are incredibly hard to find and almost always come with security risks. Viruses, spyware and keyloggers are just some of the surprises hidden in illegal software.

Cube World - Wollay Twitter Warning

Fake download promises

99% of the time, sites use the popularity of something to make you think you can download it early. In the case of Cube World there are several sites (listed below) that claim to offer Cube World for free - they are all liars!!!

Cube World - Fake Downloads

We're not saying that each of the sites is inheritably bad, it's just the people responsible for posting those pages are bad. Probably criminals.

Sites to avoid

We won't link you directly to the sites but here are the names to avoid in the Google search results:

  • - there is no download link
  • - video sharing site, full of rubbish
  • - fake
  • - recycled youtube videos
  • - a hackers dream site, never trust anything on here
  • - more video rubbish
  • - no, no, no
  • - useless information, nothing more

Where to download an official copy of Cube World

If you want to download an official version of Cube World, either keep an eye on our site because we'll be posting a download link as soon as it becomes available, OR, use the official Cube World website at:

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