Download Dragon Age 2 High Resolution Texture Pack

Download Dragon Age 2 High Resolution Texture Pack

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Dragon Age 2 is officially released today and there's already a high resolution patch available for PC gamers. The patch will enable HD replacements for most textures in the game and it does make a noticeable difference on level art.

It's a pretty hefty download at 1GB but well worth it if you like playing your games at the highest possible resolution. When it comes to enjoying computer graphics, Dragon Age 2 is one of the best around.

In order to use the patch and view Dragon Age 2 in HD, you'll need:

  • At least 10254MB video memory
  • DirectX 11

To download and install the Dragon Age 2 Texture Pack:

1. Download the installer from Dragon Age 2 HD Texture Pack
2. Run Dragon Age 2
3. Open the options menu
4. Select the Video options
5. Check the box for Hi-Resolution textures

You may also need the latest video drivers for your particular graphics card model.

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